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Liberty Van Zandt Fashion 3.15

Accidents Will Happen Part 2

Aw shoot, here’s a grand Liberty moment. As much as I’d love to jump ahead, we’ll start with the first ‘fit. A pale green polo and a zipup hoodie. Next, some overalls and a yellow top. And NOW, we arrive at the ensemble Liberty curates in order to seduce Sean. Her greaser 50s bad-girl inspired look consists of black pants, a white tee, a leather jacket, a red neck scarf, a side pony, and some hot one-liners. Legendary.

Ellie Nash Fashion 3.9

 Against All Odds
Aired: 2003

Pictures you can hear – “I packed too much. I always pack too much.” Ellie wears her famous side pony, that red cutoff tee that I always think is a New Balance shirt, and long sleeves underneath, with a pencil skirt and leggings.

Ellie Nash Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Again, one of my captured images got corrupted but I’m sure it was just a reiteration of this ‘fit – Ellie starts doing some side pony looks in S3 and I live for it. Here she is an a fishnetted, grommeted getup with black eyeliner and a super cute side half-pony.

Ms. Ryan Fashion 5.9

DH S2E9: Extracurricular Activities
Aired: 1990

Ugh, Caitlin’s mom. First she’s waiting outside school for Caitlin in a giant man-style blazer. Next we see her at home, ready to have the meeting with Caitlin wherein she announces she gave her cheating pig husband another chance and she’s just over the moon about getting back together with a dirty liar. Whoops, got off course there. She’s wearing a blue-green shirt and a scrunchied side-pony and nice clipon earrings.

Dorothy Fashion 5.4

DH S2E4: A Tangled Web
Aired: 1990

Oh shoot, Dorothy lookin cute with this little side half pony and tie-dye. Then she’s almost Joey inspired with this dark blue shirt and colored vest.

Lucy Fernandez Fashion 3.14: Lucy Love

DJH S3E14: Black and White
Aired: 1989

These are the posts I enjoy making the most. (Hey, that rhymed!) Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. My love for you is eternal. I gotta say, she was way different in Junior High. It wasn’t exactly a realistic shift in who her character became. She went from IDGAF-about-school-and-I-shoplift to valedictorian. Whatever. Once she gets over the shoplifting and “too cool for school” thing, she’s perfect. IMO 😉 Anyway, on to the outfit. First she wears this cartoony jacket with a headband, and then, ahhh this gorgeous yellow and black v-neck sweater with a sweet side braid tied with a yellow ribbon. Lovely, Lucy!

Trish Skye Fashion 3.7: Trish Threads

DJH S3E7: The Whole Truth
Aired: 1988

trish-1 trish-2 trish-3 trish-4 trish-5

We never get to see this much Trish! I’m loving this childlike, cartoonish ensemble of orange and yellow, complete with that little side pony.

trish-6 trish-7


Did anyone else notice? …No? Just me? I’m just crazy and way too obsessed and familiar with this show? Fine, I’ll just tell you – Erica has worn this shirt before. Trish wears it well too, though, with a blue skirt and black leggings. And the side pony once again.

Melanie Brodie Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

melanie 1 melanie 2

Melanie, the queen of harsh primary colors (colours)! Today her scheme is reminiscent of a childhood playground: yellow long sleeve button down under a blue sweatervest (complete with a blue tie peeping out) and a red checkered peasant skirt.

melanie 3

Melanie shakes things up a bit today with a floral top and the double side pony.

melanie 4

And I truly enjoyed this dress she wore to the dance! It’s purpley-pink with a cute sweetheart neckline lined with lace! Coulda ditched the black cardi though.

Heather Farrell Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

heather 5 heather 3 heather 4

Heather is rocking a long white skirt with black zig zags all over and a white sweatshirt. She pairs with black boots and some amazing black suspenders. Thumbs up!!

heather 7  heather 6

The checkered black and white long sleeved top with a cowl neck and black bottoms is totally cute.

heather 9 heather 10 heather 8

Now that I think of it, I think both the twins wore the same dresses they did to the last dance! Awesome! So here Heather is again in the long black dress with white designs, open in the front to reveal a white cami.