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Heather Farrell Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Despite the fact we have OGs returning to the Degrassi screen, we don’t really get to SEE them. They’re just passing glimpses that are barely on screen for a few seconds. Sadly this is all I was able to get of Heather, here at Spike’s baby shower. She wears a white turtleneck and a neck scarf.

Hazel Aden Fashion 2.8

Shout, Part 2
Aired: 2002

First Hazel wears an athletic-inspired purple tee, which is skin tight and has its sleeves cut into a fringe, purple eyeshadow, a horseshoe necklace, hoops, and a purple headband.  Next, she’s still doing that neck scarf thing. This time it’s bright green and paired with a red top and red headband. Oh, she might be wearing it because she has polyps, and everyone knows a scarf is good for a sore throat. And for the PMS show, unfortunately I couldn’t really get a shot of her outfit, but she wears all black like everyone else but then that obnoxious green neck scarf. Oh yeah, here’s a cool armband too!

Hazel Aden Fashion 2.4

Karma Chameleon
Aired: 2002

Hazel tried to give Ashley the benefit of the doubt initially, actually disagreeing with Paige, but before long she sided with Paige in her decision to mercilessly shame and shun Ashley after she failed inspection. Hazel is still in her like, headband and neckscarf phase. So first is a polka dot neckscarf, tinted shades, brown headband, and hoops. Then for picture day she wears a sky blue cap sleeve top, a colorful belt, a denim headband, and blue hoops. AND A… what are these called? ARM BAND? Anyway please peep that. It’s awesome, it’s straight up girl band style.

Paige Michalchuk Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

“Guys, like, take a downer!” Paige wears blue tinted glasses, a crocheted headband, and her hair all nicely curled under, with a denim button up shirt and a clear backpack. And then, for the 80s dance, she dresses as Madonna, in pedal pushers, ruffly socks, all black, big hair, a green headscarf, and a lot of jewelry.

Minor Character Fashion 5.10-11

DH S2E10-11: Showtime
Aired: 1991

rando 1.JPG

I only have one “random character” for you today, though I’m sure this teacher has to have a name, and maybe I’m too lazy to try to find it. She sports what I like to call the Triangle hairdo and a neck scarf.

Melanie Brodie Fashion 5.7

DH S2E7: The All-Nighter
Aired: 1990

This episode is definitely Melanie’s best moment. LOL, jk. So as usual, she’s dressed for the 5th grade sock hop, with scarves in her hair and the usual 50s-inspired ensembles. For the slumber party, she wears PJs of pink stripes. And then she just destroys Kathleen’s life with one sentence. And giggles about it. Not one of these girls was a cool pothead. Except Diana.

Melanie Brodie Fashion 5.3

DH S2E3: Loyalties
Aired: 1990

First, Melanie wears a kinda 50s? short sleeved cardi thing that’s brown with lace on it. It’s pretty cute, but then she throws on this brightly colored, practically tie-dye headscarf thing that doesn’t really match. But then, I’m not very adventurous. And we wrap it up with a grey fuzzy sweater and a pink scarf around her half-side-ponytail.


Amy Holmes/Allison Hunter Fashion 4.12: Amy & Allison Amalgamation

DH S1E12: Natural Attraction
Aired: 1990

For the self-proclaimed 2 coolest girls at Degrassi High, they sure don’t hang out with anyone else. Ever. What? It’s kind of weird. They’re their own little island I guess. You know what else I just realized? There’s not an emphasis on cheerleading and football here at Degrassi High. Well, I’m sure I’ve realized that before, but I’m re-realizing it now. That’s really cool, a nice break from the cliches we see in so many teen shows. Anyway, we start off seeing Amy and Allison at their lunch table alone. Allison is wearing some crazily printed pants and scarf, and giant flower earrings. Amy is wearing her yellow pom pom sweater – lord bless, it’s cute, but I don’t know if I could pull that off. We also see them in lab wearing baby pink and baby blue sweaters. Then for the dance, Amy dons the pom pom sweater again, with a houndstooth skirt, white socks, and black loafers. How does she make that look cool? Allison is wearing more obnoxiously loud patterns again, a sort of menswear reminiscent shirt and a giant scarf in her hair. Then they proceed to get into an argument that involves taking all their clothes off.

Michelle Accette Fashion 4.9: Minute

DH S1E9: Sixteen Part 1
Aired: 1990

It’s so interesting that we suddenly hone in on Michelle SO HARD in Degrassi High. I really like her and her storyline though. Perhaps this is how hard we’d be in on Stephanie Kaye if she had stayed. Anyway, “mature” is definitely a word to describe Michelle, and also a word to describe her style. On her birthday, she wears this cropped lilac top reminiscent of a blazer. Even though it’s some sort of crop top, it’s safe for school and even professional. I got a close up of her fingernail job – what my friend lovingly calls “the old lady nails”. Later on Michelle dons the scarf gifted from Alexa, and then a bluish jacket. Oh yeah, I also tried to capture the necklace BLT gave her. I just hated getting stuff like this. I mean, how basic! That’s such a junior high gift. “I saved up $35 to buy you this heart-shaped gold necklace.” I know, to each her own, but like, how generic. Next we get a glimpse of her in this blouse that’s hard to describe – it’s a little beige and a little grey, and undoubtedly silky and flowy. Finally, Michelle unpacks in her new ROOM in this darling baby pink jacket, and a ponytail! Love.

Melanie Brodie Fashion 4.8: Melanie Moment

DH S1E8: Little White Lies
Aired: 1989

Melanie shamelessly dresses like a full on 1950’s woman. It’s not even subtle. It’s just BAM in your face let’s go to the sock hop. Honestly those scarf-tied side ponytails kind of get on my nerves, but I’m trying to appreciate. She definitely delivers variety to DH. First, we have a light blue cardi, pearls, a freakin hot pink hair scarf, and a floral skirt. Then we do see her wearing a floral top from junior high. Then for the party, Melanie gets a little wild, ditching the cardis and exposing her arms. And finally, just a green patterned shirt, a blue pencil skirt, and a mad hangover. (It always annoyed me how she had to make a point “I am never drinking again, I felt SO BAD on Saturday.” Like, yeah, yeah, writers, we get it, drinking is bad.)