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Paige Michalchuk Fashion 5.1

Venus Part 1

Oh right, the B plot – Ellie and Craig’s birthday party fallout. Well, Paige is here for that, and you can read it on her face that it’s not going well. We’re going to be seeing this “fabric flower” thing on some more clothes as we go along. It’s crazy, I had clothes with fabric flowers on them too and just thought nothing of it. Paige wears this open-front shirt thing over a cami. She also has this sparkly decorative scarf, which I think is pretty congruent with the things Paige wears – slightly off, but somehow, Paige makes it cool.

Miscellaneous Fashion 4.7

Time Stands Still, Part 1

Random person roundup! Okay, first is Joey’s realtor who, honestly, dresses nothing like anyone we’ve seen on the show. I guess she dresses like the 80s tbh. A shoulderpadded suit, a neck scarf, and big hair. She seems nice enough but she and Joey were really not meshing. Next is this Quest for the Best host — lol wait, I think this is called Whack Your Brain. Come on, seriously, could they not give us ONE little nod to the original?! Sheesh. Anyway, his suit is ALL brown. Then an array of students in the audience, wearing things like puka shells, track jackets, and spiked hair.

Paige Michalchuk Fashion 4.5

Anywhere I Lay My Head

I love when the script is written to explain why someone is not there. “Paige has the flu ya know.” “Yeah I know.”

Well Paige is back from the flu! Honestly I love her complexion in this season. Okay it’s like, her hair is the same color as her skin? Ya know? I just think that looks cool. And also her brows and eye makeup are so light. It’s all so interesting, she looks like vanilla cake with white icing or something. Anyway, she pops by The Dot, and I think she’s wearing that shirt with a chihuahua on it. But more notably is this neck scarf which is not very Paige like, but again, she wears it with the utmost confidence.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 3.20

I Want Candy

Ashley is skipping school as usual, but not to do anything fun. Just to sulk. She wears a hoodie with like a weird criss cross lace thing in the front. I also got a shot of her room because I guess that’s fashion too. Check the Godsmack poster. And if Ashley’s ever around, you’re going to see a hankie draped over a lampshade. Somehow convinced to leave the house, she wears an olive jacket, a motorcycle tee, jeans, and a … hip scarf. And the final ‘fit is an Elvis costume.. which she borrowed spontaneously… so it’s probably sweaty in there.

Liberty Van Zandt Fashion 3.15

Accidents Will Happen Part 2

Aw shoot, here’s a grand Liberty moment. As much as I’d love to jump ahead, we’ll start with the first ‘fit. A pale green polo and a zipup hoodie. Next, some overalls and a yellow top. And NOW, we arrive at the ensemble Liberty curates in order to seduce Sean. Her greaser 50s bad-girl inspired look consists of black pants, a white tee, a leather jacket, a red neck scarf, a side pony, and some hot one-liners. Legendary.

Emma Nelson Fashion 3.13

This Charming Man

Wow, it’s Emma time. And I captured a LOT of Emma for you today. This is the episode where she’s so hung up on Sean that she uses Chris to try to get over him but ends up just using Chris as a tool to attack Sean. Her first ‘fit is an entirely pointless scarf with a pink blouse, jean skirt, headband, and her low-hanging purse.

The next outfit includes that same headband – which, actually, she wears the entire episode. I’m not sure why she needs that headband because her hair is already pulled half-back. But anyway, I digress. She’s wearing that LOVE tank which I’m sure a lot of us recognize from promo pics. I’ve got a closeup shot of that hippie necklace as well. At school, though, she puts on a beanie that she stole from Jack. She wears some kind of skirt that I might describe as a hiking skirt. It appears she tied a knot in her low-hanging purse so that it’s no longer past her knees. And her shoes look like Merrells or something. Next, a simple PJ & ponytail shot. And then, she’s going a little kooky at school, with a green plaid shirt under a jean jacket and over a white tee. She actually wears this with casual khakis. Wow, these just keep going don’t they? Next, we are at Snake’s birthday party and Emma wears a green 3/4 sleeve v-neck layered over more green, and she also wears some kind of patchwork skirt. She dons the jean jacket to go find Chris at the mall, because you used to have to like go to a store to listen to new music. That’s crazy. And wow, all she has to do is drop some cheesy lines and BAM, got Chris back. The end!

Heather Farrell Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Despite the fact we have OGs returning to the Degrassi screen, we don’t really get to SEE them. They’re just passing glimpses that are barely on screen for a few seconds. Sadly this is all I was able to get of Heather, here at Spike’s baby shower. She wears a white turtleneck and a neck scarf.

Hazel Aden Fashion 2.8

Shout, Part 2
Aired: 2002

First Hazel wears an athletic-inspired purple tee, which is skin tight and has its sleeves cut into a fringe, purple eyeshadow, a horseshoe necklace, hoops, and a purple headband.  Next, she’s still doing that neck scarf thing. This time it’s bright green and paired with a red top and red headband. Oh, she might be wearing it because she has polyps, and everyone knows a scarf is good for a sore throat. And for the PMS show, unfortunately I couldn’t really get a shot of her outfit, but she wears all black like everyone else but then that obnoxious green neck scarf. Oh yeah, here’s a cool armband too!

Hazel Aden Fashion 2.4

Karma Chameleon
Aired: 2002

Hazel tried to give Ashley the benefit of the doubt initially, actually disagreeing with Paige, but before long she sided with Paige in her decision to mercilessly shame and shun Ashley after she failed inspection. Hazel is still in her like, headband and neckscarf phase. So first is a polka dot neckscarf, tinted shades, brown headband, and hoops. Then for picture day she wears a sky blue cap sleeve top, a colorful belt, a denim headband, and blue hoops. AND A… what are these called? ARM BAND? Anyway please peep that. It’s awesome, it’s straight up girl band style.

Paige Michalchuk Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

“Guys, like, take a downer!” Paige wears blue tinted glasses, a crocheted headband, and her hair all nicely curled under, with a denim button up shirt and a clear backpack. And then, for the 80s dance, she dresses as Madonna, in pedal pushers, ruffly socks, all black, big hair, a green headscarf, and a lot of jewelry.