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Heather Farrell Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Despite the fact we have OGs returning to the Degrassi screen, we don’t really get to SEE them. They’re just passing glimpses that are barely on screen for a few seconds. Sadly this is all I was able to get of Heather, here at Spike’s baby shower. She wears a white turtleneck and a neck scarf.

Erica & Heather Farrell Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

I’ve combined Heather & Erica into one post too. I’m SO glad to see them in School’s Out, even though they don’t really have big parts. It looks like they’ve ditched the black-and-white clothing theme which is sad, but they do look gorgeous in color too. At the graduation party, Erica wears an off-the-shoulder dress of many colors, and pom-pom earrings. Heather wears a colorful sleevess turtleneck dress, a chain belt and statement earrings as well. For the wedding, Erica wears a very mature gingham suit, and I guess I didn’t capture Heather because she was covered up, moving too fast, or any of the other reasons why broomheadz can’t get what it wants. I captured as much as I could but it was very tricky.

Heather Farrell Fashion 5.13

DH S2E13: One Last Dance
Aired: 1991

Heather time! My other queen! The first getup is these polka dot cropped pants, a striped cardi, and a v-neck tank. The seems to wear the same tank again in the next outfit, with a polka dot skirt. I’m really going to miss all the black and white glory. But for the dance, she wears this royal blue sweetheart neckline dropped waist gown and it’s just beautiful!

Heather Farrell Fashion 5.9

DH S2E9: Extracurricular Activities
Aired: 1990

First Heather wears a black and white blouse, black pedal pushers (or are they called Capris at this time?), black sandals, and red jewelry. For the sneak-into-school day, she wears an oversized vertical-striped button down, tied up at the waist, with some black pants. Not nearly as extra as Erica’s outfit that day, but super stylish nonetheless.

Heather Farrell Fashion 5.6

DH S2E6: Crossed Wires
Aired: 1990

So here’s Heather in a black and white striped tee, and somehow she makes these big pleated mom shorts look cool.

Heather Farrell Fashion 4.14: Heather Heaven

DH S1E14: It Creeps!
Aired: 1990

Omg. This first outfit I am living for. It’s a polka dot sweater, a polka dot peplum skirt, and some red accents. For filming day, Heather wears a black and white top and black pants, and then for the premiere, she wears, yep, a black and white top, this time with an orange headband.

Heather Farrell Fashion 4.12: Heather Heaven

DH S1E12: Natural Attraction
Aired: 1990

Heather is having a bit of a crisis in this episode. It’s fun to laugh at her but at the same time I do like to stop and think and understand and empathize. Basically, she feels terribly guilty for “assisting” with Erica’s abortion (by that I mean, being there for her, which was the right thing to do). But I do get it – I get why she is upset. She feels much differently about the abortion than Erica does at this point. Erica has gotten over it, and Heather hasn’t. And meanwhile, Erica is moving on romantically while Heather is filled with some sort of paranoia that this whole thing is going to happen over again. But anyway, I’m here about the outfits.

First, Heather is dreaming nightmares in a Degrassi tee, which I would like to own, thank you. Then at school we see her in a vertical-striped blouse, blue belt, and checkered skirt. For the dance she wears this shimmery, flowy, sheer, black getup and an amazing top pony that cascades down one side.

Heather Farrell Fashion 4.10: Heather Heaven

DH S1E10: Sixteen Part 2
Aired: 1990


Like her sister, Heather wears an ensemble of a vertical-striped top with a peplum skirt. I also love this black and white sweater she pairs with pink statement earrings.

Heather Farrell Fashion 4.9: Heather Heaven

DH S1E9: Sixteen Part 1
Aired: 1990

I think it’s been a white since I’ve appreciated the twins’ hair. Let’s all take a moment and just look at those tightly curled, golden brown locks, with their infinite volume and perfect 80s-ness. First, Heather wears a black and white striped sweater, and then the dons this lovely girly ensemble of a sweater with a cute scalloped collar and what appears to be an overall-skirt.

Heather Farrell Fashion 4.7: Heather Heaven

DH S1E7: Just Friends
Aired: 1989


Heather is vibrant as ever – this is HER episode. She’s really kind of experimenting beyond the confines of straight black and white. First she adds pops of oranges and pinks to her black and white outfit. And then, of course, for the party, she reminds me of the Little Mermaid (although I know the green should be at the bottom and the purple up top). I think it’s a really cute and fun outfit, which she tops off with a high pony. As high as her hopes for the purpose of the party – to score Wheels. The next morning she wears a giant easter-egg-purple tee, and then that dreaded Monday, she wears a black tank and a white and black patterned skirt.

What do you think about this situation of Heather’s pursuit of Wheels? Do you think she forced things? I thought the attraction was there. Honestly, I’m really truly unclear as to why Wheels doesn’t like her. Why did he just back out like that? We’ve never even seen him into anybody but Steph. I know everyone doesn’t have to be dating in high school, but come on… I was totally rooting for Wheels and Heather… or, Wheather as you young people would say.