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Erica Farrell Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

You guys, I present a gift from god. Yes, the TWINS have graced the screen of Degrassi once again! Be still, my heart! What a treasure, here we are in Season 3 of TNG and we STILL GET TWINS! Praises! Okay first let me say, that these two have grown up quite beautifully, but I think they look quite different. I have a hard time identifying who is who these days. But I’m sure I put much consideration back when I screenshotted this, to identify this one as Erica. I am aware though, that I could be wrong. But the more I look at her right now, I’m like yeah sure, that’s Erica! ANYWAY, this is Spike’s baby shower so we briefly see some very important old faces. Erica is still sporting beautiful curls, and wears a black and white floral top. Also, wtf is that last picture? You know who she’s smiling with? Freaking Liz. I don’t know what’s transpired in the last 10-15 years since Liz bullied Erica and Erica beat her ass. But here they are giggling all harmoniously on the couch. I don’t really understand how that could have happened but, we have to create our own story on this one.

Erica & Heather Farrell Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

I’ve combined Heather & Erica into one post too. I’m SO glad to see them in School’s Out, even though they don’t really have big parts. It looks like they’ve ditched the black-and-white clothing theme which is sad, but they do look gorgeous in color too. At the graduation party, Erica wears an off-the-shoulder dress of many colors, and pom-pom earrings. Heather wears a colorful sleevess turtleneck dress, a chain belt and statement earrings as well. For the wedding, Erica wears a very mature gingham suit, and I guess I didn’t capture Heather because she was covered up, moving too fast, or any of the other reasons why broomheadz can’t get what it wants. I captured as much as I could but it was very tricky.

Erica Farrell Fashion 5.13

DH S2E13: One Last Dance
Aired: 1991

These are the last few moments of my goddess Erica. But thank goodness she does make an appearance in School’s Out. And then again in my REAL LIFE IN JUNE WHEN I GO TO DEGRASSI PALOOZA. Okay so first we are at school and Erica is wearing this gorgeous scoopy almost off-the-shoulder top with a black and white ruffled skirt and leggings. Love that skirt. Then she wears this top that I adore so much, the black and white sleeveless polka dot with the oversized collar. Like, where can I get me one?? And finally, we get a brief glimpse of her at the dance in this sequiny dress topped with a sequiny blazer, and an updo! bye for now, my love.

Erica Farrell Fashion 5.5

DH S2E5: Body Politics
Aired: 1990

Erica is my queen forever. This first outfit is a masterpiece. This sleeveless polka dot top with an oversized collar, it is so cool – which she pairs with a long white pencil skirt sprinkled with black polka dots. She adds pops of color with a red headband and teal earrings. Omg. Just. Wonderful. Next is Erica’s gym clothes. It’s nothing special but it’s cool to see the twins dressed so casually and colorfully.  And finally, we wrap up with a tight-fitting white polka dot top, red earrings, and black bottoms.

Erica Farrell Fashion 5.2

DH S2E2: Bad Blood Part 2
Aired: 1990

Erica is over here listening to Joey’s excuses, looking super cute in a striped cardi over polka dots.

Erica Farrell Fashion 4.14: Erica Ensembles

DH S1E14: It Creeps!
Aired: 1990

So this is an episode where Erica and Heather kind of part ways and do their own thing! So, sadly, we only get to see Erica for a split second here in Walfish’s classroom. She’s wearing a cute striped sweater and yellow accessories. Lovely as always.

Erica Farrell Fashion 4.12: Erica Ensembles

DH S1E12: Natural Attraction
Aired: 1990

It’s that time again, the time we get to gift our eyes with the beauty of the twins. Erica is positively glowing this episode because she’s got a little love interest blooming. (Meanwhile, Heather is dying inside.) First she wears this weird but cute sweatshirt with black design on it, a yellow headband, and yellow earrings. Outside it’s topped with a scarf and jacket. I threw in a little pajama shot. Notice how Heather always sleeps in a shirt and Erica always sleeps in something *a little more comfortable* as they say. Then we’ve got a cute little black and white striped sweater, and finally, AH the dance outfit. I just, adore this black and white polka dotted peplum dream, accented with that cherry red belt.

Erica Farrell Fashion 4.10: Erica Ensembles

DH S1E10: Sixteen Part 2
Aired: 1990

Erica appears in LD’s video in a vertical-striped button down and a polka-dotted peplum skirt. To finish up we get a brief look at her in this cool black and white sweater.

Erica Farrell Fashion 4.9: Erica Ensembles

DH S1E9: Sixteen Part 1
Aired: 1990

First, Erica wears a striped skirt with a black belt, and a black tank under a – you guessed it – black and white jacket. She accessorizes with some pink earrings and a pink headband. Our second outfit on display here is a polka dotted top under a striped cardi, this time with blue earrings.

Erica Farrell Fashion 4.7: Erica Ensembles

DH S1E7: Just Friends
Aired: 1989

YES, here we are. Erica. My love, my princess, in a totally hetero way or whatever. There aren’t many shots here today, no, but I am very proud of the shots I do have today. For once the lighting is working in our favor. The trend continues – Erica is dressing a bit more “cheery” than she was at the beginning of this season. First, some black and white checkers and magenta accents, and for the party, she tries not to outdo her colorful sister, and sticks to black and white polka dots. The next morning she looks gorgeous even in a fuzzy pink bathrobe, and then that dreaded Monday she’s wearing a striped tee and a blue scarf. Angel.