Erica Farrell Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

You guys, I present a gift from god. Yes, the TWINS have graced the screen of Degrassi once again! Be still, my heart! What a treasure, here we are in Season 3 of TNG and we STILL GET TWINS! Praises! Okay first let me say, that these two have grown up quite beautifully, but I think they look quite different. I have a hard time identifying who is who these days. But I’m sure I put much consideration back when I screenshotted this, to identify this one as Erica. I am aware though, that I could be wrong. But the more I look at her right now, I’m like yeah sure, that’s Erica! ANYWAY, this is Spike’s baby shower so we briefly see some very important old faces. Erica is still sporting beautiful curls, and wears a black and white floral top. Also, wtf is that last picture? You know who she’s smiling with? Freaking Liz. I don’t know what’s transpired in the last 10-15 years since Liz bullied Erica and Erica beat her ass. But here they are giggling all harmoniously on the couch. I don’t really understand how that could have happened but, we have to create our own story on this one.


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