Emma Nelson Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

This is an EMMA episode y’all! First she is wearing her hair half-back, a tank, shorty shorts, and Birkenstocks. Spike disrupts her peace by… pretending to go into labor? Uh, okay. Then she’s at school, with a white long sleeve tee under a green short sleeve, her hippie purse, a dolphin necklace, and a beaded headband. Next, she’s at Spike’s baby shower in a jean jacket. She’s developing an interest in Shane McKay. Next is a shot of her houseshoes as she’s sneaking down to the computer to see if she can look him up. Finally, at school, she wears a peasanty button up blouse over a green tank. She’s urgently trying to convince Sean to skip school with her. Why? Stay tuned for part 2….


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