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JT Yorke Fashion 3.10

 Never Gonna Give You Up
Aired: 2003

JT’s hair is just a mess, like many of the other dudes at school. He wears a series of open button-downs over t-shirts, and we get some puka shells which is always nice.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 3.7

 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Aired: 2003

Marco wears a halfway-unbuttoned shirt that looks like, acid washed? His hair is just, like, doing its own thing. I guess he’s growing it out. He wears an earring stud and a necklace. His jeans are flared and he’s wearing soccer shoes.

JT Yorke Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

Is nobody gonna talk about how COINCIDENTAL it is that JT has an “honest-to-goodness sweet-hearted crush on Manny uwu” as SOON as she starts wearing a public thong? Bitch please. He likes her the same damn reason Sully and everyone else likes her. Sheesh. So why we all pro-JT when he’s just a perv like everyone else? Sure, maybe he’d be nicer than Sully, but what’s the REAL reason for the interest? Horniness. Excuse all the language in this post, I really couldn’t hold back.

Horny JT is seen here in multiple shots, gawking at Manny, with his shaggy haircut, open button down, tee, shorts, and chunky shoes. Oh and can’t forget the puka shell necklace. And gotta love the black socks. And I miss when shorts were this long. Don’t miss that hairstyle.

Miscellaneous Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Here’s the collection of random and miscellaneous people. First is a dude in an oversized denim shirt and a girl in a dark v-neck top. Then is a view of the “undesirable” hallway, featuring baggy clothes galore. Then, some naughty girl throwing a paper airplane, with a choppy haircut and a jean jacket. Next, this kinda looks like the same girl. Wearing a puka shell necklace and a striped tank. Then, a shot of bellbottoms from above. Next…the REAL Shane McKay in a goatee and a suit. And finally, this really mean and worried lady who works at the… place… where Emma’s birth dad stays.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 1.10

Rumours and Reputations

So until now Ashley’s hair has been flipped under, but it looks like she’s trying something new and flipping it out instead! I remember wishing my hair would flip out, but it’s pretty fine and I could never get it to cooperate. She’s wearing her 3/4 sleeve lilac colored polo, some kind of khakis, hoop earrings, and a puka shell necklace. The next day she wears a dark grey long sleeve collared shirt, and Spinner puts bugs in her lunch.

JT Yorke Fashion 1.3

Family Politics


JT wears a white tee under an unbuttoned patterened shirt with a ridiculously blue backwards cap and a puka shell necklace again (or are those wooden beads? I can’t be sure). I would also like to point out his blue backpack and the fact he is riding a scooter to school. Then he’s got another open shirt, kinda Hawaiian, over a yellow tee with that necklace again. We also get to see some slightly spiked hair.

JT Yorke Fashion 1.2

S1E2: Mother and Child Reunion Part 2
Aired: 2001

So JT is full on 2000s boy in an open button down, tee, big old shorts, and a puka shell necklace.