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Marco Del Rossi Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

Marco’s style is definitely developing even further now! First he’s wearing a navy track jacket with futuristic shades. Then he wears a ringer tee with a necklace and a bandanna. He’s also got those cuffed flared jeans. Next, he experiments with some yellow, wearing a plaid shirt and bandanna, as well as his sunglasses in that dark ass basement.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Marco is growing increasingly more stylish. Prepare your hearts and minds. This first ‘fit is amazing. The light wash flare jeans, the popped collar, and the glasses really top it off. I swear, only a few people can pull off the popped collar, and Marco is one. I also like what he does with his sleeves – kinda makes them flare out to compliment his pants. I’m just a sucker for flares, whether it’s bell sleeves or bellbottoms or whatever. And the next outfit is his rainbow button down shirt, kinda tight-fitting, with another popped collar.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.22

Tears are Not Enough, Part 2
Aired: 2003

Marco is wearing a white button down and has really short hair for now. He’s also super festive at the dance, and wearing sunglasses at night.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.21

Tears are Not Enough, Part 1
Aired: 2003

Marco is wearing a yellow, blue, and brown plaid button down with jeans that are probably flares. I also captured a peep at that cartilage piercing.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.20

How Soon is Now
Aired: 2003

Oh Marco, he’s really pretending everything is fine and chill and Ellie is gonna call him out on it. First we see him in a red puffer vest. Then a ribbed sweater with a horizontal chest stripe (at this point I might as well call them HCS’s because we see it so often). Next, we see him in this like, circus commercial he and Ellie are making. Idk, he wears a bunch of costume pieces in garish colors. Next, he’s in a tan and beige tee with HAS, horizontal arm stripes, lol. And then, the NEW commercial is a Matrix-looking theme where Marco wears sleek shades and a black turtleneck. And finally, he’s in a navy long sleeve tee and tells Ellie, “Bruh, I’m gay.”


Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.19

Fight for your Right
Aired: 2003

Marco’s got the collar of his jean jacket popped, and I’m kinda here for it. His next ‘fit is more popped collars, layers of them, under a red puffer vest. Next he’s in kind of a flowy looking button down with a paisley kinda print on it. Marco’s style is getting more and more awesome, so stay tuned.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.14

Careless Whisper
Aired: 2003

This is a Marco episode so we are serving lots of Marco today! We kick off at a little basketball match among friends, strikingly erotic, reflecting that shirtless match between Snake and friends in Degrassi Junior High. Marco is wearing one of those athletic-inspired casual tees we see so much during this era. Next he’s in a jean jacket and his super-cool cartiledge piercing is nicely visible here. He wears the jacket with khakis and a white tee. On his date with Ellie he wears a blue ribbed sweater, and a sneeze on his hands. Back at school we see him in gym with a grey tee and red basketball shorts. And outside, he wears a red ringer tee with black slacks. And finally, a tan and grey long sleeve.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.10

Take my Breath away
Aired: 2002

Marco is slowly being introduced as this coveted cool guy. And honestly his clothes are and continue to be a breath of fresh air compared to some of the other dudes. For this little B plot to go alongside Manny’s disastrous date, Ellie is over here having a secret crush on Marco. This first photo, though distant and blurry, I had to include because Marco is wearing more flared jeans, cuffed to reveal these shoes that I think are some kind of like, I want to say soccer shoes, but soccer shoes are cleats… I don’t know, these are on the tip of my tongue. Are they Pumas? Anyway he wears a beige graphic tee, a necklace, and earrings including his cartilage. Next he’s seen in a yellow windbreaker vest over a grey tee.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.6

Aired: 2002

Marco is wearing an open white button down over a grey v-neck, a man necklace, some really cool slightly tinted aviator shades, and something that I need to start a new sentence for. Marco is wearing flared jeans. This is possibly the last known sighting of a man wearing bellbottoms in all of history. This is so meaningful to me. I must have lived in the 70s in a past life because the sight of a man in bellbottoms makes me incredibly happy. I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the trend to come back. And I guess Marco just wears this same outfit on both Friday and Saturday because this is all I’ve got for ya.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 2.3

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Oh my god, it’s our first Marco sighting! Turns out he is an award-winning break dancer. He’s parting the hallway with his moves in red pants and a blue shirt. Then he walked by after the dance with, the reverse on – blue pants and a red shirt. lol. This also might be the first appearance of a visor in the Degrassi franchise.