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Marco Del Rossi Fashion 5.5

Weddings, Parties, Anything

Do I say it every time? I just love Marco’s style in this era. It screams confidence. And it conveys that Marco runs in circles you know nothing about, ya know? It’s like, alternative almost. First he’s a bit more casual for band practice, wearing a Los Angeles graphic tee and a beanie. The next ensemble is more elaborate. He’s wearing layered polos with the collars popped, plenty of accessories, a bandanna, a low-riding belt, his man capris, and flip flops. At the mall he’s got his hair all curly and a sick blue soccer-lookin tee. And finally, he looks very 70s-inspired for the wedding, in this powder blue shirt and these sick white loafers.


Marco Del Rossi Fashion 5.3

Death of a Disco Dancer

Marco’s style is so cool. It’s so intentional, so eclectic, so multi-faceted and layered. I really do like it, because we have a severe lack of stylish guys on the show. In my opinion, it’s not exactly about whether or not Marco’s clothes are my taste. It’s more about the fact that I can tell there’s sooo much curation behind it. It’s got Marco’s intentions and self-expression so strongly. There seems to be so much autonomy behind his ensembles. He’s not just wearing what’s “cool” or what’s easy, he is experimental and I respect that so much. The first outfit is a very 2000s looking striped polo with a shark tooth necklace. And lovely curly hair. Next – you know Marco is the king of capris – he wears these cropped jeans, flip flops, and a green jacket layered over some wild green printed shirt. He seems to combine boho with athletic and it’s so odd but cool!

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 4.13

Bark at the Moon

Marco is Manny’s companion in this episode. I kinda like them as friends but it never really gets to take off, due to Paige. So he’s rocking the long hair with the side part, which I probably compliment every time I post it. He first wears a tee under a button down and with jeans. Then in yoga he wears his man capris, a tank, and a bandanna. At the assembly he wears a tee and a beanie. But come on, let’s get to the REAL outfit here. For the dance, he wears this amazing red fedora with a matching red tie and a black longsleeve. It’s really a cool look. It’s like he took some inspo from Manny here.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 3.4

Aired: 2003

Marco is giving us some man capris for the beach trip, yuuusss. And he also wears a tank and flip flops. And as you know, it gets COLD at the beach so he dons some popped-collar layers atop. Then he wears a hockey jersey to school to impress Dylan and his friends promptly poser-check him. So sad. And finally, he goes on a pretend date with Hazel in a denim shirt and khakis.

Snake Simpson 2.5

DJH S2E5: Stagefright
Aired: 1988

snake 1

We’ve seen this before but I just had to show you again. Snake is wearing his yellow one-of-a-kind Zit Remedy sweatshirt, with sky-blue capris, and an interesting facial that is undoubtedly directed at Joey.