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Marco Del Rossi Fashion 4.13

Bark at the Moon

Marco is Manny’s companion in this episode. I kinda like them as friends but it never really gets to take off, due to Paige. So he’s rocking the long hair with the side part, which I probably compliment every time I post it. He first wears a tee under a button down and with jeans. Then in yoga he wears his man capris, a tank, and a bandanna. At the assembly he wears a tee and a beanie. But come on, let’s get to the REAL outfit here. For the dance, he wears this amazing red fedora with a matching red tie and a black longsleeve. It’s really a cool look. It’s like he took some inspo from Manny here.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 3.4

Aired: 2003

Marco is giving us some man capris for the beach trip, yuuusss. And he also wears a tank and flip flops. And as you know, it gets COLD at the beach so he dons some popped-collar layers atop. Then he wears a hockey jersey to school to impress Dylan and his friends promptly poser-check him. So sad. And finally, he goes on a pretend date with Hazel in a denim shirt and khakis.

Snake Simpson 2.5

DJH S2E5: Stagefright
Aired: 1988

snake 1

We’ve seen this before but I just had to show you again. Snake is wearing his yellow one-of-a-kind Zit Remedy sweatshirt, with sky-blue capris, and an interesting facial that is undoubtedly directed at Joey.