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Jimmy Brooks Fashion 4.5

Anywhere I Lay My Head

First Jimmy is over here trying to be the most diplomatic member of the band, wearing an oversized striped polo. Then we see a new, sassy side of his style as he wears this open button down complete with a popped collar. Kind of an eerie image of Jimmy pointing the hose at Rick. I bet they planned it like this, didn’t they?

Jimmy Brooks Fashion 3.10

 Never Gonna Give You Up
Aired: 2003

Jimmy is the director of this play. Gosh, everyone has SO many talents on this show, huh? First he’s in a zip up sweatshirt and spends the rest of the episode cringing, wearing a horizontally-striped polo, then an open oversized button down, and last seem in a tee. I gotta say, the way he supports Terri in this episode is really reflective of Jimmy’s character. He’s underrated in that way of being a truly nice guy who sees all people as humans, as equal.

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Marco is growing increasingly more stylish. Prepare your hearts and minds. This first ‘fit is amazing. The light wash flare jeans, the popped collar, and the glasses really top it off. I swear, only a few people can pull off the popped collar, and Marco is one. I also like what he does with his sleeves – kinda makes them flare out to compliment his pants. I’m just a sucker for flares, whether it’s bell sleeves or bellbottoms or whatever. And the next outfit is his rainbow button down shirt, kinda tight-fitting, with another popped collar.

Mohammed Fashion 2.9

Mirror in the Bathroom
Aired: 2002

First, Mohammed our resident taunter and shamer is seriously prancing around with his collar popped. He’s also a wrestler so he’s next seen is his windbreaker. And finally, ice cream boy is taken down a few pegs, his baseball tee accented with a work hat and apron.

Diana Economopoulos Fashion 5.3

DH S2E3: Loyalties
Aired: 1990

One of our Greek queens here at Degrassi High, Diana, wears first a pink button down, though it looks like she kinda just picked it up off the floor and threw it on. Next she wears a blouse with a patchwork collage of various animal prints, while she gushes with the girls about Caitlin’s parents’ anniversary. Who actually cares about an old people anniversary when you’re a teenager??

Melanie Brodie Fashion 3.11: Melanie Moment

DJH S3E11: Taking Off, Part 1
Aired: 1989

Today’s Melanie moment is to be expected. A bright yellow shirt, a messed up collar, and a red plaid tie.

Yick Yu Fashion 3.8: Yick Pic

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

Yick is getting schooled at the Bowl-a-Thon. At least he is stylin’ in his striped polo with a strangely large collar and some shorts…

And that wraps up Star Crossed! Wow, we have done 34 episodes in the past 2+ years! Maybe sometimes the job is a bit repetitive, but I’ve (obviously) committed to the documentation of every character’s wardrobes and I’m sticking to it!

Snake Simpson Fashion 3.8: Snake Segment

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

Snake starts us off with a typical Snake ensemble of his blue jacket, his dog t-shirt, and his crazy orange shorts. Next, for a brief moment we see him in that rad laid-back cool-dude tie dye with some khaki. And finally, for the Bowl-A-Thon, he stepped his game up a bit, wearing this farm animal button down TUCKED IN to some belted khakis. But to let us know he’s not too serious, he leaves his collar all crunchy.

Luke Matthews Fashion 3.8: Luke Looksee

DJH S3E8: Star-Crossed
Aired: 1989

Jyoti Fashion 3.5

DJH S3E5: Loves Me, Loves Me Not
Aired: 1988

jyoti 1 jyoti 2

We’ve got a little bit more Jyoti than usual this episode! She rocks the oversized button downs, complete with the messed up collars.

jyoti 3jyoti 4

I’m kind of surprised at this drab color scheme Jyoti chose for the dance. But I guess she, nor the rest of the squad, could outshine Caitlin so they had to keep it low key. It’s really an interesting ensemble when you think about it – these days we aren’t pairing giant short sleeved button downs with peasant skirts, now are we?