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Jimmy Brooks Fashion 4.5

Anywhere I Lay My Head

First Jimmy is over here trying to be the most diplomatic member of the band, wearing an oversized striped polo. Then we see a new, sassy side of his style as he wears this open button down complete with a popped collar. Kind of an eerie image of Jimmy pointing the hose at Rick. I bet they planned it like this, didn’t they?

Marco Del Rossi Fashion 3.17

Don’t Dream it’s Over

Marco is here serving as Ellie’s security blanket as she explores the world of gilfrienddom. First he’s wearing some kind of graphic tee with motorcycles on it with a zip up jacket. His outfit to the movies is pretty interesting. He’s got a tan corduroy newsboy hat, brown jacket, flannel, orange shirt, popped collar, and jeans that are probably flared. Bellbottoms on guys is a look I LOVE TO SEE! Back in class he’s in a brown jacket, blue tee, flared and cuffed jeans, and dressy brown shoes.