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Miscellaneous Fashion 4.15

Secret, Part 2

Time for the randos and miscellaneous captures from the episode! First are these baggily-clad ballers outside the hospital. Then is this cutie trying to get with Emma. Apparently she only has eyes for Jay or whatever… ok. He wears a breezy longsleeve with baggy jeans. I also have another shot of the ravine, which is kinda funny. Lanterns, guitars, litter, cool cars, and beer. How reckless! Next is the poor receptionist at the hospital who the boys have tricked into thinking her life is in danger, nice. Then it’s the STD/STI lady wearing a red sweater and slacks. God look at Emma’s posture! Jay needs to give her another massage. Finally, at the concert venue – ah who am I kidding – this is just a bar! We see baggy clothes and chains. We see this huge guy in a jean jacket with a popped collar and his hair in liberty spikes! And behind Jimmy is this goth guy wearing a mech shirt, and a girl in a plaid skirt.