Marco Del Rossi Fashion 5.3

Death of a Disco Dancer

Marco’s style is so cool. It’s so intentional, so eclectic, so multi-faceted and layered. I really do like it, because we have a severe lack of stylish guys on the show. In my opinion, it’s not exactly about whether or not Marco’s clothes are my taste. It’s more about the fact that I can tell there’s sooo much curation behind it. It’s got Marco’s intentions and self-expression so strongly. There seems to be so much autonomy behind his ensembles. He’s not just wearing what’s “cool” or what’s easy, he is experimental and I respect that so much. The first outfit is a very 2000s looking striped polo with a shark tooth necklace. And lovely curly hair. Next – you know Marco is the king of capris – he wears these cropped jeans, flip flops, and a green jacket layered over some wild green printed shirt. He seems to combine boho with athletic and it’s so odd but cool!


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