Marco Del Rossi Fashion 4.19

Moonlight Desires

Oh man, it’s time for Marco’s moment. First he’s in a zip up jacket, hoodie, and some kind of like comic book shirt. Also shout out the soul patch, don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but there it is, looking itchy. Next Marco is in just a standard graphic tee with something random & unrelated on it, and I like his hair like this – curly and tucked behind the ears. He’s also seen helping with the blood drive in casual khakis and this red blood vest. Oh yeah, he’s being told he can’t give blood because he’s gay. Yeesh. Next, the outfit continues on, and we’re in Dylan’s dorm. Here we can see that these casual khakis are also FLARED! Shoutout to Marco’s flares, I feel like no one ever mentions them but I am such a fan of men in flares. I was hoping it would come back big time for men when flares circled around in the late 90s/2000s, but sadly it was mostly girls wearing them. Marco also seems to have this decorative belt on his waist, and lugs around a messenger bag. And he freakin walks in on Dylan with another guy. And Dylan’s like, “Oh hey Marco!” Brutal. Marco tries his best to suck it up, so he appears at the dorm party in an orange sleeveless tee with flare jeans. Oh yeah and plants a smooch on Craig. Our last look is Marco in a dark long sleeve, with hair hair still big.


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