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Craig Manning Fashion 3.12

Holiday Part 2

I did a poll on whether this stupid hat with the stupid bangs tucked in was one of the worst fashion choices in Degrassi history, but a lot of you did not agree. Oh well, I still stand by my opinion that this hat is a big NO. And apparently Craig didn’t like it either because we never see him wear this again. So first he’s all cocky in the mall in that hat and a leather jacket. Then he’s playing guitar in fingerless gloves. At school he wears an Oktoberfest tee and a flannel. And unfortunately he puts the hat back on for our final shot.

Craig Manning Fashion 3.9

 Against All Odds
Aired: 2003

Shall we just call this the “Craig just got out of bed” phase, in terms of his attire? Messy hair, baggy jeans, and tee shirts. But, the leather jacket makes it look like he tried. However, can you believe this is what he wore, minus the jacket, to the club? God, he stuck out like a sore thumb. Like bro the coffee shop is down the street. That should have been an indicator right then and there that Craig and Manny were never meant to be.

Craig Manning Fashion 2.20

How Soon is Now
Aired: 2003

craig 1

Not much Craig to share, but here in the darkness we can make out his bed head, some leather bracelets?, some jeans, and a tee under a flannel.

Todd MacGregor Fashion 1.4

Eye of the Beholder

Once again I’m shocked at discovering another parent with a first name. Y’all, this is Todd. Terri’s dad is the first dad I’ve ever seen who is excited about his girl to be “out dancing with boys”. Polar opposite of Voula’s dad – go out there and get you some, Terri! Terri’s dad is one of the more casual dads we see – he wears a flannel with rolled up sleeves. I wonder what his job is – I don’t think they ever said.