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Miscellaneous Fashion 4.4

Mercy Street

Time for the Rando Roundup as I used to call it! First we see a skateboarder in baggy jeans, not wearing skate shoes. Next a couple of group shots featuring wide leg and flared pants, chunky shoes, mini backpacks, and other recognizable fashion moments of the time. A couple of girls glaring.. more girls glaring, in cross-body bags and crossed arms.. And this “You + Me = Destiny” guy, the ever-faithful extra, wearing a 90s reminiscent ‘fit of a studded leather jacket and a flannel around the waist. Also with boots and a bandanna. This dude is often seen with the mullet guy so I did add in a quick shot of the mullet guy as well.

Miscellaneous Fashion 2.1

When Doves Cry

For our miscellaneous shots today, I first grabbed this dude in a gingham shirt and also, like huge bright yellow shorts, a few other baggy outfits in the background. Then, is this wonderful example here, one of the best fashion moments from the halls of DCS – the dudes with the mullets. When Paige is asked, what is a mullet, she points to them and growls, “THAT.” And this dude on the right definitely has a prize winning mullet. And I think it’s a requirement that a mullet must pair with denim. And the dude on the left is like a rebel/punk kinda guy who actually looks a lot like Johnny DiMarco (but thankfully we don’t have to think about him for several more years).  Then, Angie’s day care teacher is watching Craig who is definitely acting as creepy as possible – I captured her because she’s got those awesome skinny 2000s eyebrows, yes queen! As I’m writing this on the blog, it’s October, the month I indulge in shaving off my brows for costume purposes, so I’ve been having fun drawing those 2000s brows on my own face. And finally, Joey is trying to sell a car to this nice looking couple dressed in traditional cultural garb, which I will not even attempt to identify, but it’s beautiful.

Dale Fashion 5.5

DH S2E5: Body Politics
Aired: 1990

Enter Dale, a popular boy. He bumps into Lucy in his ironed khakis and tucked-in button down, flashing that smile and that shiny blond mini-mullet. It starts out great until we find out that he, too, is intimidated by powerful women. Side note: DALE is a super country name where I live so it’s hard to say “Dale” without a thick Southern accent.

Arthur Kobalewscuy Fashion 4.8: Arthur Adventures

DH S1E8: Little White Lies
Aired: 1989

Arthur’s clothing colors are always pretty bland, doesn’t really draw the eye. The only thing that draws my eye are the pleats in his pants and the fluffy baby mullet he’s got going. Sorry I talk about mullets so much. You should actually spend time with me in real life, because I really do talk about mullets a lot.

Mike Nelson Fashion 3.12: Father Finery

DJH S3E12: Taking Off, Part 2
Aired: 1989

Mike was thoroughly disappointing in this episode, wasn’t he? Well you know what wasn’t disappointing?! This weird v-neck cutoff green sweatshirt, tight jeans, white shoes, and baby mullet with a mustache accompaniment.

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 3.1

DJH S3E1: Can’t Live With ‘Em Part 1
Aired: 1988

wheels 1 wheels 2

wheels 7

wheels 3 wheels 4 wheels 5 wheels 6

This is Wheels’s episode, and just the beginning of his misfortunes. But no matter how bad things get, he never withholds from us his mullet, glasses, and right pants.

The first ensemble we see is a nice teal blue sweatshirt with some black pants.

Then, a favorite of mine, is the denim on denim. Not just any denim, but light denim. And complete with the white runners, it’s an 80s dream.


Minor Character Fashion 3.1

DJH S3E1: Can’t Live With ‘Em Part 1
Aired: 1988

rando 2

Dang, Glen, you shoulda transferred to Degrassi! Few there are quite this babealicious. Anyway, this guy is giving tours to the new students at Borden. He’s wearing this rad dark jean jacket over a striped button down. He’s also rocking an irresistible mullet. Meanwhile, girls are drooling over Paul. I just don’t get it.


Another tour guide is wearing a white pencil skirt under a grey button down, complete with some black socks and shoes.