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Wheels Wheeler Fashion 3.7

 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Aired: 2003

This is a monumental moment. The first time I watched it, I had no idea who Wheels was but I could just feel this was significant. God, if I could imagine just HOW significant. This is the last time any of us see our beloved Wheels, our beloved Neil Hope. Fashion-wise, he’s lost the mullet. He’s traded in his big 80s glasses for smalls 2000s ones. But don’t worry, his jeans are still tight enough to read the date on a dime.

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 1.2

Mother and Child Reunion Deleted Scenes


Unbeknownst to many Americans, Wheels showed up in DTNG Epsiode 2 to the reunion. He came to apologize to Lucy in person, 10 years later. It’s a really powerful scene. It’s also extremely sad. Speaking of sad, Wheels has lost his mullet, his signature glasses, and he seems to have pieced together a suit as though he hasn’t worn one in 10 years. I’m just really sad. I’m inclined to make jokes. But I can’t really. Wheels tried to dress up to look presentable to give this apology he’s probably rehearsed for 10 years. Or maybe he kind of considered going to the reunion but when he got to the front steps he just couldn’t go in. Who knows. Hard to talk about fashion at a time like this.

Wheels Wheeler Fashion: School’s Out!

School’s Out!
Aired: 1992

The images within this post bring so many thoughts. Despite his unexplainable loveability, Wheels wasn’t the best person – we all know that. And I feel like in this episode, all his faults and worst qualities culminated into a perfect storm that ended in disaster. This ending was just, such a shocker. I mean, I kinda already knew about it because I watched it in like 2015 after I’d already kinda heard it mentioned in TNG and the internet and whatnot. But I can’t imagine what people were feeling, watching this for the first time in 1992.

Anyway, Wheels’s style has changed a bit by now. His hair is longer and poofier, and his clothes are greasier and dirtier, and he wears more bandannas. It’s a look though, I do like it. But his looks and behaviors do make me uneasy throughout the movie. I don’t know why, it’s like, he’s throwing all caution and care to the wind, and you can see it happening. He’s turned super smug and doesn’t look or seem like himself.

And can we just take a moment to talk about that deleted scene from DTNGS1E1 at the class reunion where Wheels comes to apologize to Lucy? Man that is heart-wrenching. But I’m glad he came out the other side. And I hope he found some joy.

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 5.13

DH S2E13: One Last Dance
Aired: 1991

Wheels, what a sweetie! He cleans up nice, don’t ya think? Enjoy this one and only opportunity to see him in no denim and a tie. His mullet is also tighter than usual.

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 5.8

DH S2E8: Home Sweet Home
Aired: 1990

Wheels is cold and alone and homeless in this episode, so it seems pretty silly to be assessing his style. haha. But anyway, there’s really not much to discuss. It’s just more of the same. The denim and blue. However, I do really like him in pink!

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 5.4

DH S2E4: A Tangled Web
Aired: 1990

Wheels isn’t giving us anything new, which is good, because why change the formula if it still WERKS!

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 5.3

DH S2E3: Loyalties
Aired: 1990

We conclude this episode with some pretty good Wheels shots, but of course, his fashion is nothing new for us.

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 5.2

DH S2E2: Bad Blood Part 2
Aired: 1990

Wheels’s mullet is scrumptious as ever! Shirts as flowy as ever, pants as tight as ever. Unfortunely Wheels is kinda placed on the back burner a lot in Degrassi High, so sometimes we don’t get a lot from him.

Wheels Wheeler Fashion 5.1

DH S2E1: Bad Blood Part 1
Aired: 1990

Wheels’s mullet is pretty big this episode! Aside from that, his fashion is just, the usual – the light colors, the denim, the tight pants, the glasses.