Wheels Wheeler Fashion 1.2

Mother and Child Reunion Deleted Scenes


Unbeknownst to many Americans, Wheels showed up in DTNG Epsiode 2 to the reunion. He came to apologize to Lucy in person, 10 years later. It’s a really powerful scene. It’s also extremely sad. Speaking of sad, Wheels has lost his mullet, his signature glasses, and he seems to have pieced together a suit as though he hasn’t worn one in 10 years. I’m just really sad. I’m inclined to make jokes. But I can’t really. Wheels tried to dress up to look presentable to give this apology he’s probably rehearsed for 10 years. Or maybe he kind of considered going to the reunion but when he got to the front steps he just couldn’t go in. Who knows. Hard to talk about fashion at a time like this.

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