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Ashley Kerwin Fashion 3.11

 Holiday Part 1
Aired: 2003

Ashley is wearing some red and blue rock-n-roll looking shirt that I just can’t decipher. Then she’s practicing with Craig for the holiday talent show, wearing a brownish sweater with a black tee, flare jeans, and converse. She and Craig really had nice standard realistic alt-kid looks. I mean, they think they’re so alt but they’re really not wearing anything extreme, and that’s about right. Ya know? People be like “I had a scene phase” and you see pics and all they did was part their hair to the side, wear a plastic bracelet and Converse. We had to wear diluted versions of our dream styles as teens. But Ash and Craig weren’t too interested in actual fashion at this point, I’d reckon. They were just dressed casually and focused on music. They’d probably still describe their style as rocker or something anyway, ya know? The last outfit is a inter tee with a black cardi, and a leather bracelet for good measure.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 3.9

 Against All Odds
Aired: 2003

Ashley is talking about taking a little vaca with Ellie, wearing Converse, flare pants, a grey and black camo top, and a red jean jacket.

Craig Manning Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

I know, right? Where’s the thong already? Sheesh. However, it is worth examining the fact that Craig is FINALLY dressing a bit more interestingly. Kinda like, a low-effort rocker guy. First he wears a floppy jean jacket over a sleeveless tee. Note the baggy(ish) jeans and Chuck Taylor Converse. Then we wears an “I Mother Earth” band tee. Which apparently is a Canadian rock band. And finally he’s in a green tee and just, more saggy baggy pants. But be glad there’s no more brown shirts and that yellow camera strap. Unfortunately we don’t get rid of the confused look in his eyes. No, it only gets worse. (See: Season 3. Hang on tight.)

DH S1E5: Everybody Wants Something
Aired: 1989

Okay so, since Clutch doesn’t get much airtime on Degrassi High, I apparently screenshotted every frame that he appeared in. Haha. So enjoy the collage. His hair is getting rather luxurious and he’s wearing a simple blue tee, light wash jeans, and Chucks.

Snake Simpson Fashion 3.7: Snake Segment

DJH S3E7: The Whole Truth
Aired: 1988

snake-2  snake-21

Snake wears this orangey button down with a crazy print, tucked into some olive khaki shorts.


Snake and tie-dye just seem so well-suited for each other. These vibrant colors give the impression that he’s some cool, easygoing guy. Cool sure, but not exactly easygoing! He completes the look with some Converse and pushed-down tube socks, giving that Japanese schoolgirl loose socks look.

Shane McKay Fashion 3.1

DJH S3E1: Can’t Live With ‘Em Part 1
Aired: 1988

shane 1  shane 3

Shane must be a cool kid. I don’t really know for sure. But I am digging these rolled-up olive green khakis and black converse with a sweet tie-dyed shirt of purples and blues.

shane 2

And I can’t make out who’s on this graphic tee, someone please let me know if you can!

Joey Jeremiah Fashion 2.11

DJH S2E11: Trust Me
Aired: 1988

IMO not nearly as exciting as Spike, Lucy, or the twins, but Joey time is inevitable.

joey 4

This Hawaiian shirt of lighter hues reminds me of a tropical flower or sunset. The rare lack of a jean vest allows us to get the full exotic experience.

joey 2  joey 1

And here’s the green and peach Hawaiian shirt with, of course, the jean vest, and a brown fedora.

joey 3 joey 5

How many fedoras does Joey have, anyway? Well, once again, we are seeing one, of a red-brown color, but thankfully we get a little variety due to the cold weather. Joey wears a cool varsity-style jacket hiding his obnoxious tourist-biker getup.

joey 6

“Tell me I don’t look 16!” There ya go. In case you were ever wondering, Joey wears rad tighty-whities and tube socks.

joey 7

And, the lived-in Converse are always a nice touch, adding a bit of credibility to anyone, even Jeremiah.

LD Delacorte Fashion 2.10

DJH S2E10: Censored
Aired: 1988

LD 1LD 2

I think the centerpiece of LD’s ensemble here are the hi-top Chucks. Such a classic wardrobe staple, even now. I don’t know what it is about them that just say “Hey. I’m rad.” LD is also sporting her usual slim jeans, and a blue sweatshirt with a brown jacket. And of course her red purse! But I wonder what she carries in there.

LD 3

LD gets a bad rap for being unfeminine. Whatever. I like her just the way she is. But I do want to point out that she carries a purse and she is wearing pink right now! This pink and grey striped long sleeve tee is nice and simple. On a side note, I just saw the first trailer for Degrassi: Next Class. Do you think ANY of those new characters would EVER wear an outfit like this on the show? No. Never. I really have to appreciate this realistic simplicity.

LD 5

And finally, here’s one last look at LD’s outerwear, her brown jacket with a bomber/moto vibe.


Yick Yu Fashion 2.9

DJH S2E9: Dog Days
Aired: 1988

yick yu degrassi junior high yick yu degrassi junior high yick yu degrassi junior high

Yick is still sporting the polos of course. First, a striped teal one and then a blue and red one that I swear I’ve seen on Shane before. He also sports converse and some sort of cropped or tucked-in pant.