Ashley Kerwin Fashion 4.11

Voices Carry Part 1

Ashley time… First she’s wearing this 3/4 sleeve boatneck shirt with like, cowboys on it? Low-rise jeans with no back pockets, a grommet belt, a leather bracelet,and this tiny backpack with purple spikes. Then she’s in skirt and leggings – I never liked this type of look where the leggings don’t go all the way down. And here in Ash’s case, she has this blank spot of leg after the leggings and then some tall socks almost reaching up to the leggings but not quite. Weird. Red converse too, to match the red skirt. Spiked belt, and a grey skull and crossbones tank over a black tee. This was almost completely an outfit you would have seen me in at this time as well. I WANTED to dress more like Ellie but ended up dressing more like Ashley if we’re being real. I also featured a closeup of her nails, which look natural, and her minimal makeup. And this image of Ashley spreading her legs on the hotel bed is just… burned into my mind, an ugly, eternal memory…


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