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Ashley Kerwin Fashion 4.11

Voices Carry Part 1

Ashley time… First she’s wearing this 3/4 sleeve boatneck shirt with like, cowboys on it? Low-rise jeans with no back pockets, a grommet belt, a leather bracelet,and this tiny backpack with purple spikes. Then she’s in skirt and leggings – I never liked this type of look where the leggings don’t go all the way down. And here in Ash’s case, she has this blank spot of leg after the leggings and then some tall socks almost reaching up to the leggings but not quite. Weird. Red converse too, to match the red skirt. Spiked belt, and a grey skull and crossbones tank over a black tee. This was almost completely an outfit you would have seen me in at this time as well. I WANTED to dress more like Ellie but ended up dressing more like Ashley if we’re being real. I also featured a closeup of her nails, which look natural, and her minimal makeup. And this image of Ashley spreading her legs on the hotel bed is just… burned into my mind, an ugly, eternal memory…

Rose Michalchuk Fashion 4.1

Ghost in the Machine

Paige’s mom appears for the first time. And doesn’t seem to have that accent that Paige used when impersonating her a while back! Oh well. She wears a khaki colored blazer, a blue blouse, dress pants, and a tiny backpack purse to court. She also has a little girl’s haircut. I don’t hate it though, I’m a fan of short bangs!

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.16

Message in a Bottle
Aired: 2003

Ashley has finally settled into her new life and everything, slightly isolated but making it okay. And now, suddenly Jimmy is rekindling his feelings for her. First she wears a black 3/4 sleeve tee with an inverted red seam. shiny eyeshadow and her usual metal jewelry. Next she’s seen at Jimmy’s party and is disappointed to find out it’s not a goth club. She’s still dressed beautifully, wearing a black long sleeve dress with a plunging neckline, ornate necklace, and she has gone heavier with the makeup. And she brought CDs. What the heck kind of CDs would she have brought? For some reason I don’t think it’s Bauhaus. I wish I could make that out. Anyway, back at school she’s just wearing a black long sleeve somethin, and I also got a shot of her little backpack with an O-ring and purple spike details.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.9

: Mirror in the Bathroom
Aired: 2002

This episode, Ashley is the vampire hovering over Toby with concern. Her hair is kind of reddish now. First she wears a mad smoky wing and purple eyeshadow, and filled in her brows way before it was cool. Her shirt is meshlike but it looks like webbing. I dig it. Then she’s seen in the kitchen just wearing something black and her signature earrings. You know, it’s kinda cool because Spike used to wear a bat earring too! She’s still sporting her little black backpack with the purple rubber spikes.

Hazel Aden Fashion 1.12


And finally I get some real Hazel footage for y’all! She’s one of the cheerleaders (spirit squadders) so she’s just being a total diva alongside Paige this episode. First she wears a light blue v neck shirt with some rouching on the chest – and I guess this is a half-length sleeve but I’ma go ahead and place it with the 3/4 length category. She tops it off with a delicate chain necklace and a black headband. Outside she dons a grey jacket. Not quite as glam as Paige, but hey, maybe Paige pulled a Regina George and told Hazel what she can and cannot wear. Then we are in Spirit Squad practice and Hazel is in a blue tee and black shorts to show us what a toe-touch is. And then, she’s in a red long sleeve with black pants as she and Paige scheme to destroy the school newspaper. Also, peep that tiny little backpack she’s got on – that’s the best.