Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.16

Message in a Bottle
Aired: 2003

Ashley has finally settled into her new life and everything, slightly isolated but making it okay. And now, suddenly Jimmy is rekindling his feelings for her. First she wears a black 3/4 sleeve tee with an inverted red seam. shiny eyeshadow and her usual metal jewelry. Next she’s seen at Jimmy’s party and is disappointed to find out it’s not a goth club. She’s still dressed beautifully, wearing a black long sleeve dress with a plunging neckline, ornate necklace, and she has gone heavier with the makeup. And she brought CDs. What the heck kind of CDs would she have brought? For some reason I don’t think it’s Bauhaus. I wish I could make that out. Anyway, back at school she’s just wearing a black long sleeve somethin, and I also got a shot of her little backpack with an O-ring and purple spike details.

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