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Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.13

Take my Breath away
Aired: 2002

Ashley is over here with a reddened vampire pixie cut and wears that mesh shirt that reminds me of spiderwebs. Over it she’s got what looks to be a tank with corset fastening on the front. Then she’s wearing another black top with a sort of ruffled collar hem. She wears light coverage makeup of a dark hue.

Ashley Kerwin Fashion 2.9

: Mirror in the Bathroom
Aired: 2002

This episode, Ashley is the vampire hovering over Toby with concern. Her hair is kind of reddish now. First she wears a mad smoky wing and purple eyeshadow, and filled in her brows way before it was cool. Her shirt is meshlike but it looks like webbing. I dig it. Then she’s seen in the kitchen just wearing something black and her signature earrings. You know, it’s kinda cool because Spike used to wear a bat earring too! She’s still sporting her little black backpack with the purple rubber spikes.

Ellie Nash Fashion 2.5

Weird Science
Aired: 2002

Heck yeah, Ellie is back!! I really love when her looks are accented with purples or reds. And for only our second Ellie post ever, this one of these ‘fits is quite the legendary one imo. But let’s start from the beginning. You may recall that Jimmy has actually had a thing for El’ since the beginning. Here he is begging for her digits. She’s wearing a pleated denim miniskirt, with one of those double-row grommet belts, and a pale pink polo over a black mesh long sleeve and under a black tank. It’s such a look. And she’s Emma Nelson’s close contender in the triple-pigtail contest – she’s even adorned her ‘tails with braids and crimped and colored pieces. She wears bright purple eyeshadow, berry lip gloss, and carries a naked guitar on her back. Okay that’s normal. As you’ll see, the writers make Ellie a consistent dabbler in music throughout  her run on the show but she’s never known to stick to it. I guess I can’t really talk either though.

Next, this. Oh, this. This ensemble is captivating yet confusing, cool yet code-violating. I’m talking about, the shirt with blood dribbled down the front. Yes, this is some kind of, slightly-athletic looking white tank, with horizontal black stripes, and, blood splattered right down the sternum. Well, fake blood, but still, I can’t imagine it’s meant to simulate anything else. She’s paired it it with an awesome large print plaid skirt, and over what looks like black pants. As is tradition, every Degrassi student wears the same hairdo two days in a row, so she’s got the same hair we’ve already discussed. She’s handing Spinner her number as he employs the binder boner shield to receive it.

About this outfit. I can tell you right now I’d barely get through the door at my high school before they would send me right back home. I’ve been persecuted all my life for my clothes at school and I never wore fake blood on my shirt. That’s a whole new level. Especially in this world of so much school violence, I don’t see how this could ever fly. It’s also like, what is this shirt saying? Like, did you get a nosebleed? Did you have a little exorcist moment and vomit up some blood? Did you get stabbed in the heart? Or did you spill some ketchup? What’s the story with this blood supposed to be? What’s the message? I’m all for it, okay, like, I support you Ellie. But I’m still curious.