Hazel Aden Fashion 1.12


And finally I get some real Hazel footage for y’all! She’s one of the cheerleaders (spirit squadders) so she’s just being a total diva alongside Paige this episode. First she wears a light blue v neck shirt with some rouching on the chest – and I guess this is a half-length sleeve but I’ma go ahead and place it with the 3/4 length category. She tops it off with a delicate chain necklace and a black headband. Outside she dons a grey jacket. Not quite as glam as Paige, but hey, maybe Paige pulled a Regina George and told Hazel what she can and cannot wear. Then we are in Spirit Squad practice and Hazel is in a blue tee and black shorts to show us what a toe-touch is. And then, she’s in a red long sleeve with black pants as she and Paige scheme to destroy the school newspaper. Also, peep that tiny little backpack she’s got on – that’s the best.

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