Ashley Kerwin Fashion 3.11

 Holiday Part 1
Aired: 2003

Ashley is wearing some red and blue rock-n-roll looking shirt that I just can’t decipher. Then she’s practicing with Craig for the holiday talent show, wearing a brownish sweater with a black tee, flare jeans, and converse. She and Craig really had nice standard realistic alt-kid looks. I mean, they think they’re so alt but they’re really not wearing anything extreme, and that’s about right. Ya know? People be like “I had a scene phase” and you see pics and all they did was part their hair to the side, wear a plastic bracelet and Converse. We had to wear diluted versions of our dream styles as teens. But Ash and Craig weren’t too interested in actual fashion at this point, I’d reckon. They were just dressed casually and focused on music. They’d probably still describe their style as rocker or something anyway, ya know? The last outfit is a inter tee with a black cardi, and a leather bracelet for good measure.


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