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JT Yorke Fashion 3.14

Accidents Will Happen Part 1

This b-plot is where somehow JT becomes cool with Jimmy. haha. Yeah, in a fictional world only. JT is rocking the bed head, his open short sleeve over a long sleeve, and casual khakis.

JT Yorke Fashion 3.10

 Never Gonna Give You Up
Aired: 2003

JT’s hair is just a mess, like many of the other dudes at school. He wears a series of open button-downs over t-shirts, and we get some puka shells which is always nice.

JT Yorke Fashion 3.6

 Gangsta Gangsta
Aired: 2003

This is an iconic JT story – when he has his famous wet dream over Liberty. But first we see him ignoring Toby to be tolerated by Paige, wearing his new outfit formula of an open shirt over a tee, baggy pants, and his shaggy 2000s boy haircut. But for his wet dream, we get a little bit of that classic JT look, in a flame shirt and slick shades. And then Toby humiliates him at school, and he’s wearing more of the usual.

JT Yorke Fashion 3.3

 U Got the Look
Aired: 2003

Is nobody gonna talk about how COINCIDENTAL it is that JT has an “honest-to-goodness sweet-hearted crush on Manny uwu” as SOON as she starts wearing a public thong? Bitch please. He likes her the same damn reason Sully and everyone else likes her. Sheesh. So why we all pro-JT when he’s just a perv like everyone else? Sure, maybe he’d be nicer than Sully, but what’s the REAL reason for the interest? Horniness. Excuse all the language in this post, I really couldn’t hold back.

Horny JT is seen here in multiple shots, gawking at Manny, with his shaggy haircut, open button down, tee, shorts, and chunky shoes. Oh and can’t forget the puka shell necklace. And gotta love the black socks. And I miss when shorts were this long. Don’t miss that hairstyle.

JT Yorke Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

Season 3 is where everything changed with JT. He looks different, he dresses different, he acts different, and I’m sad. I basically live for early JT. Now he’s completely changed. But I will say, his hair especially, is an accurate representation of the time. I hope you’re ready for a lot more bushy heads in the coming episodes, because he is not alone. Anyway, his stylists have tried to incorporate the classic JT elements in a more toned-down style. So he still wears an open shirt over a tee and with a necklace, but in more muted colors.

JT Yorke Fashion 2.22

Tears are Not Enough, Part 2
Aired: 2003

SPOTTED! JT actually having a good time with Liberty and forgetting to act like he hates her. Love him in the hot pink.

JT Yorke Fashion 2.21

Tears are Not Enough, Part 1
Aired: 2003

JT is worried about finals in this episode too. He has a dark jacket, blue backpack, backwards hat, and a yellow tee. Next is a red hat, khakis, and a red and white tee with a grey overshirt. I just love his colors. It seems that no other dudes at Degrassi wear them.

JT Yorke Fashion 2.20

How Soon is Now
Aired: 2003

JT of all people is here to be a wonderful support to Paige once he finds out what she’s going through. He wears a backwards hat, a necklace, and a long sleeve tee with “29” and flames on it. Oh and also his mascot costume!