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Danny Van Zandt Fashion 4.9

Back in Black

Here’s little baby Danny dressing all athletic-like, but with cargo pants and skate shoes. Also, shoutout to that backpack that clips across the front of your chest.

Danny Van Zandt Fashion 4.8

Time Stands Still, Part 2

Funny how Danny acts like he’s hot shit from the very start even though he’s a little narbo. Here he is with his sponsored Coca-Cola post in a grey tee and a wristband.

Jimmy Brooks Fashion 2.18

Dressed in Black
Aired: 2003

Jimmy the Hesitant is, wearing a whole bunch of normal people clothes throughout this episode. As usual, his attire is nothing noteworthy or remarkable, which actually serves a purpose for once – it is a stark contrast to the effort and creativity Ashley puts into her alternative look. I really don’t feel the need to break down these simple ‘fits for you, but I will note it’s a lot of tees, athletic wear, and of course his arm band/sweatband.

Hazel Aden Fashion 2.4

Karma Chameleon
Aired: 2002

Hazel tried to give Ashley the benefit of the doubt initially, actually disagreeing with Paige, but before long she sided with Paige in her decision to mercilessly shame and shun Ashley after she failed inspection. Hazel is still in her like, headband and neckscarf phase. So first is a polka dot neckscarf, tinted shades, brown headband, and hoops. Then for picture day she wears a sky blue cap sleeve top, a colorful belt, a denim headband, and blue hoops. AND A… what are these called? ARM BAND? Anyway please peep that. It’s awesome, it’s straight up girl band style.