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Jimmy Brooks Fashion 3.13

This Charming Man

Jimmy is ready for Driver’s Ed too, but his main role is just making fun of everyone else. First he’s wearing a Jay-Z shirt, always love a band shirt appearance. He also wears white shoes and baggy pants. Then he’s in a whole Triple 5 Soul sweatsuit.

Spinner Mason Fashion 2.19

Fight for your Right
Aired: 2003

Spinner steals from Jimmy in this episode, oof. So first he wears a long sleeve tee with like, shoulder stripes, and accessorizes with his man necklace. Then we see him browsing the internet, wishing he could buy some “Triple 5 Soul” attire like Jimmy’s. The brand, by the way, is Canadian and is still going! Then we see his famous dragon hoodie, which he gets made fun of for wearing too much. Dude, I remember getting made fun of for that too. Whose idea was that to be mean about wearing something you like several times? Whatever. Then he’s in some kind of Nascar-lookin long sleeve shirt. And, if you’ve never seen the episode, this last shot should show how it all turned out – he’s in a caf uniform because things went to crap.