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Spinner Mason Fashion 4.8

Time Stands Still, Part 2

This so great because Spinner is wearing that ratty hoodie that his friends used to make fun of him for. He cut the sleeves off, which seems really reflective of his transformation from the bullied to the bully. It cracks me up that he’s still wearing that smelly-looking thing. So yeah first he’s got the hoodie on with basketball shorts and skate shoes. In his very last scuffle with Jimmy. Then he’s in a tee, baggy jeans, and got that black strap belt dangling down which I used to do too, thinking it was so cool. Also, shoutout to the ball bearing necklace and earring. This is Spinner’s BEST style phase for sure! I remember it was around this time, back in ’04, when I dared to say Spinner was ALMOST cute like this.

Spinner Mason Fashion 3.18

Rock ‘n’ Roll High School

Spinner’s got crunchy hair, a color palette of browns, beige, and grey. BUT he does wear the famous ratty hoodie that the boys used to make fun of, and he also wears a ball bearing necklace which I love.

Spinner Mason Fashion 2.19

Fight for your Right
Aired: 2003

Spinner steals from Jimmy in this episode, oof. So first he wears a long sleeve tee with like, shoulder stripes, and accessorizes with his man necklace. Then we see him browsing the internet, wishing he could buy some “Triple 5 Soul” attire like Jimmy’s. The brand, by the way, is Canadian and is still going! Then we see his famous dragon hoodie, which he gets made fun of for wearing too much. Dude, I remember getting made fun of for that too. Whose idea was that to be mean about wearing something you like several times? Whatever. Then he’s in some kind of Nascar-lookin long sleeve shirt. And, if you’ve never seen the episode, this last shot should show how it all turned out – he’s in a caf uniform because things went to crap.

Spinner Mason Fashion 1.10

Rumours and Reputations

Okay so first, Spinner is in this distressed tee that almost reminds me of the Affliction trend that came later. Then, I mean, we really just have to talk about this famous hoodie. I gave it a tag, “The Ratty Hoodie”, so that I can track how often Spinner wears it. That’s part of the joke later, that Spinner “wears that hoodie too much”. I like that little plot point because I definitely got made fun of at that age for the same thing (which is weird, right? I mean, you buy clothes to wear them over and over, right?). I also like that plot point because once again, it reflects real life, that people are outfit repeaters, which doesn’t get represented on TV enough. Personally I like to make fun of this hoodie in my head, (lovingly of course), and pretend that it’s like, withered and worn and tattered, probably has some holes in it, and probably smells kind of musty. I also like to pretend it used to be white. Maybe it came from a yard sale or he found it in a trash bin on the side of the road. Anyway, so this greige, somewhat thin hoodie with super cool dragons on the front will return, so stay tuned. And lastly, Spinner has to work in the caf so he gets to don a uniform and look just like Sheila, in an orange polo, a white hairnet, and a weird wilty hairnet that doesn’t even have its elastic anymore.