Spinner Mason Fashion 4.8

Time Stands Still, Part 2

This so great because Spinner is wearing that ratty hoodie that his friends used to make fun of him for. He cut the sleeves off, which seems really reflective of his transformation from the bullied to the bully. It cracks me up that he’s still wearing that smelly-looking thing. So yeah first he’s got the hoodie on with basketball shorts and skate shoes. In his very last scuffle with Jimmy. Then he’s in a tee, baggy jeans, and got that black strap belt dangling down which I used to do too, thinking it was so cool. Also, shoutout to the ball bearing necklace and earring. This is Spinner’s BEST style phase for sure! I remember it was around this time, back in ’04, when I dared to say Spinner was ALMOST cute like this.

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