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Emma Nelson Fashion 3.13

This Charming Man

Wow, it’s Emma time. And I captured a LOT of Emma for you today. This is the episode where she’s so hung up on Sean that she uses Chris to try to get over him but ends up just using Chris as a tool to attack Sean. Her first ‘fit is an entirely pointless scarf with a pink blouse, jean skirt, headband, and her low-hanging purse.

The next outfit includes that same headband – which, actually, she wears the entire episode. I’m not sure why she needs that headband because her hair is already pulled half-back. But anyway, I digress. She’s wearing that LOVE tank which I’m sure a lot of us recognize from promo pics. I’ve got a closeup shot of that hippie necklace as well. At school, though, she puts on a beanie that she stole from Jack. She wears some kind of skirt that I might describe as a hiking skirt. It appears she tied a knot in her low-hanging purse so that it’s no longer past her knees. And her shoes look like Merrells or something. Next, a simple PJ & ponytail shot. And then, she’s going a little kooky at school, with a green plaid shirt under a jean jacket and over a white tee. She actually wears this with casual khakis. Wow, these just keep going don’t they? Next, we are at Snake’s birthday party and Emma wears a green 3/4 sleeve v-neck layered over more green, and she also wears some kind of patchwork skirt. She dons the jean jacket to go find Chris at the mall, because you used to have to like go to a store to listen to new music. That’s crazy. And wow, all she has to do is drop some cheesy lines and BAM, got Chris back. The end!

Emma Nelson Fashion 2.16

Message in a Bottle
Aired: 2003

Pictures you can hear. “CHEMistry!” Anyone else? Okay this is an episode starring Sean and Emma, what a waste of energy they put into this insufferable relationship. Emma is definitely getting older, you can see she’s looking a bit less childish lately. First she’s wearing a red zip up hoodie, jeans, and her cross body bag. With a little glass necklace that’s probably a dolphin or something. She’s seen the next day wearing what seems to be the exact same thing, but the hoodie is unzipped to reveal a pinkish tee. Then we are at dinner at Spike’s house. Emma is wearing a dark maroon long sleeve tee and the room is like, dimly and romantically lit. Weird. As things usually go with Sean, she has to have a wardrobe change. She comes downstairs in a black v-neck tee, grey zip up hoodie, AWESOME black and white tie-dye pants, to find that Sean escaped. Oh right, I had to get the back of her hair. THREE GD PIGTAILS. Please stop. Does this ever end. So yeah, disaster ensues, but we aren’t here to talk about the storyline. We’re back at school now and Emma is sporting the world-famous Dolphin Pants again. They’re paired with a blue 3/4 sleeve v-neck shirt and her cross body bag, and lots of pleading with Sean. Whatever dude. I took as many pairs of the dolphin pants as I could. Enjoy!

Emma Nelson Fashion 2.11

Don’t Believe the Hype
Aired: 2002

This is a very important moment here. Emma’s dolphin pants, perhaps one of the most famous garments of the entire Degrassi universe, are making an appearance. These are amazing flared pants with extravagant dolphins down each leg. Of course we don’t get a good look at them, but I tried my best. She pairs them with a dark and light blue polo-style tank. Oh yeah, and I grabbed one more pic of her in a tan velour zip up hoodie with jeans and her classic cross-body bag.

Emma Nelson Fashion 1.6

The Mating Game


The contrast between grade 7 and grade 8 is amazing. While Ashley is ready to go to pound town with Jimmy, Emma is still sporting pigtails and dolphin pants. THREE pigtails to be exact. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning here. First, Emma in a yellow and orange tie-dye tee. THEN is the three pigtails, the best thing ever, and her famous famous dolphin pants. In case you didn’t know already, these dolphin pants are legendary, iconic, one of Degrassi’s most famous garments. She wears a plain blue shirt so as not to distract from the pants themselves. Then, she wears three pigtails AGAIN, with jeans, a jean jacket, and a peachy tee. One time, I wore three pigtails. I think I was in kindergarten. My mom recalls the story. She said one day I woke up for school and insisted on three pigtails; nothing else would do. So, I feel ya, Emma. It’s a look.