Emma Nelson Fashion 1.6

The Mating Game


The contrast between grade 7 and grade 8 is amazing. While Ashley is ready to go to pound town with Jimmy, Emma is still sporting pigtails and dolphin pants. THREE pigtails to be exact. Anyway, let’s start from the beginning here. First, Emma in a yellow and orange tie-dye tee. THEN is the three pigtails, the best thing ever, and her famous famous dolphin pants. In case you didn’t know already, these dolphin pants are legendary, iconic, one of Degrassi’s most famous garments. She wears a plain blue shirt so as not to distract from the pants themselves. Then, she wears three pigtails AGAIN, with jeans, a jean jacket, and a peachy tee. One time, I wore three pigtails. I think I was in kindergarten. My mom recalls the story. She said one day I woke up for school and insisted on three pigtails; nothing else would do. So, I feel ya, Emma. It’s a look.

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