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Manny Santos Fashion 3.19

It’s Raining Men

Manny is still in her like, eternal walk of shame era. First she’s in a velour pink sweatsuit, complete with sunglasses on her head deep into the night. We also see her in cheer practice for a bit. And finally, she wears her patchwork fur jacket with some casual khakis.

Manny Santos Fashion 3.8

 Whisper to a Scream
Aired: 2003

Ah, this is a great Manny outfit. A sexy velour tracksuit, square hoop earrings, and one of these newsboy hats.

Manny Santos Fashion 3.5

 Pride, Part 2
Aired: 2003

Manny is first seen in an athletic-inspired boat neck skin tight tee. Then, she’s looking like a queen in this pink velour track suit, a fuzzy pink hat, hoop earrings, and her tiny shades tucked into her pants.

Emma Nelson Fashion 2.11

Don’t Believe the Hype
Aired: 2002

This is a very important moment here. Emma’s dolphin pants, perhaps one of the most famous garments of the entire Degrassi universe, are making an appearance. These are amazing flared pants with extravagant dolphins down each leg. Of course we don’t get a good look at them, but I tried my best. She pairs them with a dark and light blue polo-style tank. Oh yeah, and I grabbed one more pic of her in a tan velour zip up hoodie with jeans and her classic cross-body bag.

Emma Nelson Fashion 1.11

Friday Night

We are still exploring awkward adolescence through the eyes of Emma, with minor assistance from Manny. This is the episode where Emma goes on a date with Sean. Man these were hard times. I mean, I wasn’t exactly allowed to go on DATES at age 12 myself but, ya know, my parents would like drive me to the school dance where I had a “date” with an equally shy and awkward boy. My god. The little photo they take before the date – so relatable. I’m in pain. So these pictures are out of order in the post, but first we have Emma in a nice 3/4 sleeve top and khakis. We don’t really like, wear khakis recreationally anymore do we? I don’t think anyone just puts on khakis to go with their outfits these days. Correct me if I’m wrong. I remember wearing them and I remember them really not being the most comfortable or practical. Her hair is crimped AND curled under and the wears a plastic chunky watch. Oh yeah and she has a reddish zip up hoodie too. Then we have a couple of shots of her in her dorky little gym outfit. Ugh, we all deserve an award for surviving junior high. Then it’s time for the date! Looks like she fluffed up her hair a bit to get ready. And as you may remember, we get two outfits because a bird shat on her first one. First is the blue shirt with black zip up sweater. Then she switches to a red shirt and overalls. Like, I don’t know why she’s worried about her outfit, because she just looks like she’s ready for her first day of kindergarten, definitely not gonna be seducing anyone tonight. And lastly, she gazes at Sean in her tan velour zip up and STILL crimped hair.