Manny Santos Fashion 4.20

West End Girls

This is an interesting little episode, where Paige really starts to wear Manny down, making her life miserable. Manny tries her best to fight back but I think Paige holds more power here. I wish this saga could have been drug out a little bit. Oh well! First Manny is seen in Spirit Squad practice. Then she’s wearing a matchy-matchy velour set over a tube top with those square hoop earrings. And that pink plastic watch still, lol. She’s also still wearing her VEGAS necklace, which I still love. And unfortunately she has picked the same dress as Paige for the dance. I love it – pink, ruched, and super ruffly strapless with a dropped waist. However, the length of the dress is kinda weird, cutting off at like mid-calf, which doesn’t seem like something someone would wear during this period. Next we return to school and see the Spirit Squad uniform on her, and later those famous low-rise jeans paired with a red athletic-inspired top. Her hair looks amazing here btw. Next… Manny is being tortured in the mascot outfit. And then she returns to the dress store – I guess Paige chased her out last time – and tries on a funeral ensemble. Ultimately, though, she decides on the pink because she broke Paige’s leg and decided she deserved a treat. That’s where you can see the odd length of the dress – it kinda makes her legs look ultra-short. The shoes are odd too, like, kitten pumps. Aaand, uh oh – Paige shows up at the dance, and they have the same dress! So, Paige rips Manny’s off, and here is her underwear. Never seen a teenage girl wear underwear like this before. Finally, she’s in the locker room in a hoodie. We don’t really see Manny in hoodies, do we?


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