Emma Nelson Fashion 2.16

Message in a Bottle
Aired: 2003

Pictures you can hear. “CHEMistry!” Anyone else? Okay this is an episode starring Sean and Emma, what a waste of energy they put into this insufferable relationship. Emma is definitely getting older, you can see she’s looking a bit less childish lately. First she’s wearing a red zip up hoodie, jeans, and her cross body bag. With a little glass necklace that’s probably a dolphin or something. She’s seen the next day wearing what seems to be the exact same thing, but the hoodie is unzipped to reveal a pinkish tee. Then we are at dinner at Spike’s house. Emma is wearing a dark maroon long sleeve tee and the room is like, dimly and romantically lit. Weird. As things usually go with Sean, she has to have a wardrobe change. She comes downstairs in a black v-neck tee, grey zip up hoodie, AWESOME black and white tie-dye pants, to find that Sean escaped. Oh right, I had to get the back of her hair. THREE GD PIGTAILS. Please stop. Does this ever end. So yeah, disaster ensues, but we aren’t here to talk about the storyline. We’re back at school now and Emma is sporting the world-famous Dolphin Pants again. They’re paired with a blue 3/4 sleeve v-neck shirt and her cross body bag, and lots of pleading with Sean. Whatever dude. I took as many pairs of the dolphin pants as I could. Enjoy!

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