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Ms. Ryan Fashion 5.9

DH S2E9: Extracurricular Activities
Aired: 1990

Ugh, Caitlin’s mom. First she’s waiting outside school for Caitlin in a giant man-style blazer. Next we see her at home, ready to have the meeting with Caitlin wherein she announces she gave her cheating pig husband another chance and she’s just over the moon about getting back together with a dirty liar. Whoops, got off course there. She’s wearing a blue-green shirt and a scrunchied side-pony and nice clipon earrings.


Ms. Ryan Fashion 5.4

DH S2E4: A Tangled Web
Aired: 1990

Caitlin’s mom is like, in denial or something this whole time, even though she’s pretty sharp – can’t get nothin past her – she knows her man has a side chick. So ANYWAY, she’s wearing a floral blouse and a skirt. Seems like a minor detail compared to what is happening with her in this episode. I just, I just think she is too passive. But then again, I don’t have kids so maybe she’s staying in denial for the kids.

Ms. Ryan Fashion 4.11: Mommy Module

DH S1E11: All in a Good Cause
Aired: 1990

Hey, Caitlin’s mom! It’s been a while! She’s over here bragging about how she got arrested once, but now she’s tenderizing meat in a broken household wearing a yellow button down and black skirt.

Ms. Ryan Fashion 2.10

DJH S2E10: Censored
Aired: 1988

caitlins mom 1

Caitlin’s mom is all like, “Yeah, we should hide that pregnant girl so she doesn’t look so conspicuous.” Her high and tight collar bow reflects her uptight personality but adds a slight bit of interest to this grey flowy blouse she’s wearing.