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Trish Skye Fashion 1.2

Mother and Child Reunion Deleted Scenes

Trish still seems so youthful! She tells us how she went out and partied her ass off for the last 8 years and has just now gotten sober. I don’t know why that’s the first thing she says about herself. But maybe there were a lot of rumors and she wanted to be upfront about it. She too, is wearing a floral spaghetti strap dress, and has unfortunately ditched the mohawk.

Trish Skye Fashion 5.13

DH S2E13: One Last Dance
Aired: 1991

Trish is once again just all casual except with a giant mohawk on her head. And then to the dance, she literally walks in with TWO boys. TWO! Okay girl! Get it! It’s a little hard to just talk about what you’re wearing when you waltz in here with a man on each arm.

Trish Skye Fashion 5.1

DH S2E1: Bad Blood Part 1
Aired: 1990

Heck yeah, it’s our first day of Special Ed, and Trish comes in with this gorgeous rebellious mohawk! That has always been an entertaining thing to see in the background here in Season 2. Interestingly enough, Trish, doesn’t really wear anything too rebellious, just normal tees and flannels – she just has a hairdo crazy enough to rival even Spike, dare I say.

Trish Skye Fashion 4.11: Trish Threads

DH S1E11: All in a Good Cause
Aired: 1990

trish 1

Any time I have a chance to capture Trish, I’m taking it, because pretty soon these long straight silky red locks will be erected into a rebellious anarchic mohawk.

Trish Skye Fashion 4.6: Trish Threads

DH S1E6: Nobody’s Perfect
Aired: 1989

We haven’t seen Trish in quite a while. Here she is in a transitional stage, post-goody-goody, pre-mohawk. She wears a flannel, and long straight hair with a headband.