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Allison Hunter & Amy Holmes Fashion 5.12

DH S2E12: Three’s a Crowd
Aired: 1991

Let’s look at Amy first – oversized tee with flowy tie-dye pants, that signature yellow pom pom sweater, and some pale colored tee. Allison wears her flower earrings, a blue tee with a mini skirt, a purpleish boat neck blouse, and a sweater with rows of flowers. The cool girls are serving us looks as usual.

Dwayne Myers Fashion 4.13: Dwayne Delight

DH S1E13: Testing 1..2..3
Aired: 1990

Dwayne is still looking like the ultimate bully, wearing band shirts with his school jacket, and those red and white hi-tops. Let’s not forget his dangly earring, wiggling with every taunt.