Ellie Nash Fashion 5.5

Weddings, Parties, Anything

Here we are, in Ellie’s suck era. Like, she sucks. And also, as Alex once called her, she’s “a suck”. She’s traded in her crimper for a waver, she’s simping over a f*ckboy, and she’s cringily playing the drums. First she’s shown in a long sleeve shirt under short sleeve shirt under long sleeve shirt (Family Guy reference anyone?) Then we see her in her O-ring choker. And now let’s talk about THE outfit. Even though Ellie is already being drained of her style and personality at this point, I do enjoy this outfit and the *jaw drop* reveal they do of it. However I just noticed the sleeves don’t look very conducive to drumming. So what they’ve done with Ellie’s style here, is she’s basically a normie, but in darker colors. Though subtle, this dress is very cool with the off-the-shoulder sleeves, corset buttons, and ruffly layered skirt. I actually feel a bit sorry for her right here. She was so hopeful.

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