Diane Fashion 5.5

Weddings, Parties, Anything

Introducing Diane. This utter babe is apparently 22. When am I finally gonna look 22? (Ok I looked her up and apparently she really was 24 at the age of filming this. Not trying to say she looks old but she looks very womanly, like in the best possible way.) Diane is for some reason interested in Joey. She states a good case for it though. She’s tired of dating boys. Fair enough. Imagine dating a 22-year-old dude. Anyway, I really like Diane. She’s a ray of sunshine in Joey’s life. Although I do prefer Joey + Sidney.

First Diane wears a pink tank. Then she’s at Joey’s in a silvery, shiny tank with a cami underneath. For the wedding, since I guess she is a bridesmaid, she wears this pinky spaghetti strap cocktail dress and a bun. And finally, she wears a rainbow basket purse and a tight-fitting top with a tie at the collar. I definitely had some shirts like this.


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