Ellie Nash Fashion 5.1

Venus Part 1

I have so may mixed feelings about Season 5 Ellie. This is a turning point for her. And we see it in more ways that one. Since this is a fashion blog, I do need to state the obvious: her style is toning down. Yeah, sure, her wardrobe is still “edgy” or whatever in that it’s black, but it’s becoming much less experimental and much less out-there. It’s pretty much subdued. I mean, check out her hair. Yes, it’s cute, but we’ve strayed very far from the extensions, crimper, multiple ponytails, and fake bangs. Her personality is also changing. First of all, she is simping for Craig hardcore. And while part of me HATES that, another part of me really hurts for her. I mean, look how cute and hopeful she is in this last photo. But it’s just never gonna happen, Ellie. I don’t know, maybe it should have. Maybe it would have been good for both of them. Anyway, her personality is also about to disintegrate terribly. She becomes Craig obsessed, and 100% boring from this point forward. I think perhaps the show struggles to write dynamic “alt” characters. They don’t know how to make these people “alt” besides how they dress.

But anyway, let’s break down the styles of today’s episodes. Ellie has discovered the wand curler, and has taken a liking to layering. Layering jackets, shirts, and even belt and skirts over jeans. It’s a lot. She also still wears her Emily the Strange bag, gotta love the continuity with the Degrassi girls and their bags. Her color palette is greys and blues mostly. Little details include hardware like the O-ring choker the studded belt, painted nails, and a Celtic knot ring.

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