Emma Nelson Fashion 5.1

Venus Part 1

Okay, I’ll say it. Season 5 Emma is HOT. And yeah, this episode is partly about beauty standards, and she is made to fit into that ideal 2000s look, so I hate to praise the toxic beauty standards so much. But I don’t know, something about S5 Emma, man. She’s glowing. And speaking of glowing, next season they put some weird glow filter on the girls, so this is our last natural era. Anyway, first is a rare swimsuit moment with Emma and Manny. Emma’s suit is adorable, with yellow and pink polka dots. She also wears some oversized rainbow shades. At school, Emma continues to sport the skin-tight Lululemon, and has almost a grungy makeup look of brown smudged liner and a darker lip. At the Hot Girls Party, which looks a lot like Jimmy’s house, her hair is perfectly curled and she wears layered camis as we did back then. She also has on this miniskirt that’s kinda like khaki but with a floral print on it. But seriously, the 2000s were skimpy as hell. And in the most formulaic way. To where, if, you ain’t got it, you can’t fake it. I feel like nowadays we have options and can play up the parts of us we’re proud of.


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