Paige Michalchuk Fashion 5.3

Death of a Disco Dancer

Okay, Paige is not really the most relatable teenager at this point. The way she gets ready for this date and waits at a bougie bar looks like the life of a 30-year-old. But hey, what do I know, I grew up in rural & suburban Alabama.

Anyway, the first outfit is the nice greasy work uniform. Then Paige wears this blue blazer that looks to be a very light/acid washed denim, which she wears over a baby blue blouse and white cami. Her teeth are also super-white. I swear, Paige looks just darling in pastels. She hurriedly gets ready for her date with Matt. She puts in a lot of effort, wearing pointy-toe feels, a black strapless skin-tight dress with a shawl, and a black necklace. She looks amazing but like a real adult. And then Matt dumps her because she showers too much.

Next, on the steps of Degrassi, Paige is wearing layers again – a floral blouse layered over a longer cami – that was such a thing. And some flare jeans, with some pointy-toe shoes that look way too uncomfortable for school. This is where she gets high with Alex before the college fair. I think this is arguably a pretty accurate representation of getting high. It’s hard to explain and hard to portray, especially since it seems to be a different experience for everyone, but I really like how they did it here in this episode.


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