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Michelle Accette Fashion 3.6: Michelle Minute

DJH S3E6: He Ain’t Heavy…
Aired: 1988

michelle-1 michelle-2

Your Michelle Minute for the day combines both classic and modern versions of Michelle. First, we have “new” Michelle – the one who loves patterns, sporting this leaf-print cardigan. Second, we have “old” Michelle – the pastel queen, wearing a baby blue blouse.

Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

Steph seems to have combined her bombshell look with the “more mature” evolution. We will call it sexy professional. Or professional sexy. Business sexy.

steph 2 steph 3 steph 4 steph 5

Steph’s in her all-pink suit, with her signature butterfly belt, tons of pearls, and a royal blue sweetheart tube top. Not as much skin showing, but still a definite show-stopper.

steph 6 steph 7

Here, Steph goes with the usual tube top mini skirt recipe, but to tone it down she’s thrown on this big old floral sweater which I am fairly certain I’ve seen Michelle wear also.

steph 8 steph 0

And for the dance: not as skankalicious as the “old” Steph might’ve been, but still with the usual flair we would hope to expect from Stephanie Kaye. She has a red sequined tuve top that is just lovely, with a dark skirt, and finally, the “sparkly pink thing” as it’s affectionately known as in some circles, with, of course – pearls!

Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.9

DJH S2E9: Dog Days
Aired: 1988

When I think of the “Dog Days” episode, I think of Stephanie, wandering around, standing on bridges, hopeless, in her grey droopy wardrobe. Now it’s finally time to post those images.

stephanie kaye degrassi junior high

You know those days where you don’t want to get out of bed and your mom’s all on your case? I don’t, my mom was never awake when I went to school.

But anyway, here’s Steph in her red nightgown, not ready to face the day, while her mom looks on.

stephanie kaye degrassi junior high stephanie kaye degrassi junior high stephanie kaye degrassi junior high stephanie kaye degrassi junior high

Steph is real deep into a state of IDGAF, which we can see as she wears this grey-lavender sweater, black peasant skirt, and jean jacket. While there’s nothing wrong with this getup, it is just so NOT glamorous! It’s easy to tell Steph isn’t her usual self.

stephanie kaye degrassi junior high

This is the iconic Steph-is-depressed image. Grey, untucked shirt, long, black skirt, all-natural hair, and a stick.

Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.8

DJH S2E8: Sealed with a Kiss
Aired: 1988

stephanie kaye degrassi junior high stephanie kaye degrassi junior high stephanie kaye degrassi junior high

As we can see, Stephanie’s aesthetic efforts are starting to slip. This is where she doesn’t really care if her shirt is untucked. She didn’t even bother to change clothes today. And her hair… is looking a little flat.

stephanie kaye degrassi junior high stephanie kaye degrassi junior high

Steph tried a little bit today, but she’s still not glowing with her usual proud and skanky aura. She feminizes this forest green tee with some pearls and a pink hair clip. Makeup and hair teasing appear to be minimal.

Who Wore it Better? Steph vs. Kathleen

This is going to be a different type of post. You may have seen that every now and then, I notice different people wearing the same thing! Today, I am going to share one of those instances. I’m pretty sure in DJHS2E6, I saw Stephanie Kaye wearing a shirt that Kathleen wore in DJHS2E5. Keep in mind that the buttons look reversed because Kathleen’s shot is in the mirror.

whowore it

Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.6

DJH S2E6: Fight!
Aired: 1988

Are you ready to go ALL THE WAY (with Stephanie Kaye)?

steph 1 steph 2

Not much to see here, because Stephanie hasn’t yet transformed into SuperSlut (anyone watched “Easy A” before?!), but this sweet yellow short sleeved button down is rather cute.

steph 3 steph 4

And the only way I can really describe this look is “playful”. because it really does appear that Steph is a little girl playing dress up. She’s got this pink drape-neck tunic on, with a dark belt and some sort of heart on it. She accessorizes with pearls and a pink hair clip. And those hot pink tights – she means business today, because she only wears those tights on special occasions.

steph 5 steph 6

Steph’s first plan to get Simon was a fail. She saunters home in her yellow blouse with a blue striped peasant skirt.

Stephanie Kaye Stephanie Kaye  Stephanie Kaye Nicole Stoffman  Stephanie Kaye Nicole Stoffman Degrassi Junior High   Stephanie Kaye Nicole Stoffman Degrassi Junior High Stephanie Kaye Nicole Stoffman Degrassi Junior High

Alright, she’s back at it, wearing RED, the color of mad, passionate, true love. She’s not playing around in this red tube top, yellow miniskirt, red belt, colorful chunky necklace, pearl earrings, and red high heels.

Stephanie Kaye Nicole Stoffman Degrassi Junior High Stephanie Kaye Nicole Stoffman Degrassi Junior High

I love how Stephanie’s colors reflect how she’s feeling. Today, she is defeated, knowing she can never have Simon. She wears a pale grey sweater and a dark long skirt, looking like she’s ready for a funeral.

Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.4

DJH S2E4: Dinner and a Show
Aired: 1988

Steph 1

I’m sad to say I only have one Steph picture today. This oversized button down top with vertical grey and white stripes caught my eye because I had never seen her in it before! It’s actually pretty cool.

Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.3

DJH S2E3: Great Expectations
Airdate: 1988

Steph 1 Steph 2 Steph 3

I don’t really get why Liz is so averse to Steph. The school’s skankiest dresser is also a form of extreme fashion – a form of sticking out and being different. That’s exactly what Liz is doing. In fact, Steph is wilder than Liz, in my opinion. Liz is just some toned-down grumposaurus with a unique haircut.

But wouldn’t it be cool if Steph formed some kind of a squad of fellow rebels? That would be so boss.

I adore Steph’s red-and-green getup. It’s not offensively Christmasy because of the pastel-ness of the green. She wears a red sweetheart tube top, shiny silver belt, green miniskirt, chunky red necklace, and a string of pearls wrapped around her wrist.

Steph 4 Steph 5

TBH, Stephanie, I don’t blame you one bit for changing your style. That wrinkly shiny pink shirt is kinda ratchet.

Steph 6 Steph 7 Steph 8 Steph 9

Personally, pink and blue is my favorite color combo. So Steph’s blue tube top, pink belt and miniskirt, and pink hair clip please me greatly. I am also digging the ultra-teased hair today.

Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.2

DJH S2E2: A Helping Hand…
Airdate: 1988

Steph 1 Steph 2 Steph 3

Even when she’s dressed like Little House on the Prairie, Steph can still keep that smug look on her face. I do enjoy this ruffly pink blouse, as well as its pairing, a long burgundy pleated skirt.

Steph 4

This look has become a classic Good-Steph ensemble.

Steph 5

Wow, talk about mature. Loving this denim-blue fluffy button down, with a shoelace (haha kidding) bow around the neck, and tucked into a high-waisted botto,.

Steph 6


Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.1

DJH S2E1: Eggbert
Airdate: 1988

Stephanie’s dressing more… conservatively now. I can’t wrap my head around this change!

Steph 1 Steph 2 Steph 3 Steph 4

Today Steph dons a Voula-esque pink, ruffly, long-sleeved blouse with a grey belted skirt. Her style still has a degree of playfulness with the pink hair clip. And farewell, skanky clothes! Into the trash > into Alexa’s hands they go!

Steph 5 Steph 6

Okay, first of all I will point out Steph’s hair tie. I’m not sure what they are officially called, but I read that some people called them “ball-balls” or “bobbles”. I just LOVE these, I need to find some! This is a grown-up Stephanie favorite. I love this yellow button down with a pink and green floral pattern. She pairs it with a pink blazer, grey skirt, and – lookie there – a little bit of old Steph remains, in her pink butterfly belt!