Stephanie Kaye Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

Steph seems to have combined her bombshell look with the “more mature” evolution. We will call it sexy professional. Or professional sexy. Business sexy.

steph 2 steph 3 steph 4 steph 5

Steph’s in her all-pink suit, with her signature butterfly belt, tons of pearls, and a royal blue sweetheart tube top. Not as much skin showing, but still a definite show-stopper.

steph 6 steph 7

Here, Steph goes with the usual tube top mini skirt recipe, but to tone it down she’s thrown on this big old floral sweater which I am fairly certain I’ve seen Michelle wear also.

steph 8 steph 0

And for the dance: not as skankalicious as the “old” Steph might’ve been, but still with the usual flair we would hope to expect from Stephanie Kaye. She has a red sequined tuve top that is just lovely, with a dark skirt, and finally, the “sparkly pink thing” as it’s affectionately known as in some circles, with, of course – pearls!

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