Spike Nelson Fashion 2.13

DJH S2E13: Pass Tense
Aired: 1988

spike 1

spike 2

spike 3

spike 4

Spike’s first outfit today is wonderfully complex and really appealing. We have an army green jacket over a blue sweater. Tons of cute silver chain necklaces.A plaid scarf, and long red plaid skirt. Gloves, and some awesome boots I can’t quite make out. They are black and tall, may be black cowgirl boots or may be biker boots. Either way, check that cute silver detail on them!

spike 7    spike 5  spike 6

You guys have been waiting for this one. Spike forgot to change into her dress and accidentally wore her nightgown to the dance!! For real though, she’s kinda gone for this like, bohemian matriarch look with this large creamy buttoned dress. Actually the fabric looks like it feels awful. She accessorizes with silver as always. I’m curious to hear what you guys think of this ensemble.

I’d also like to take this moment to say that this scene in which The Zit Remedy plays the dance is so cringeworthy (in the best way possible). None of the kids in the audience know how to sway or clap on beat, much less sway and clap on beat at the same time. Oh god. It’s embarrassing.

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