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Spike Nelson Fashion 3.14

Accidents Will Happen Part 1

Spike is Manny’s confidant, when Manny thinks she might be pregnant. I always loved this connection. Spike is wearing a pale green boat neck tank and hoop earrings.

Spike Nelson Fashion 3.13

This Charming Man

Spike’s got these chunky front highlights which are actually cool again as I’m writing this. It’s dark as heck in her house so it’s hard to tell what exactly she’s wearing, so do with these photos what you will. I do see a brown dress with an asymmetrical hem and neckline.

Spike Nelson Fashion 3.7

 Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Aired: 2003

I just feel like we never see Spike. I mean, we see her but she has such a SMALL ROLE in this show now. It’s just disappointing. So here she is just, being a supporting actor to Snake. First she wears a zip up hoodie and is sporting those chunky highlights in her hair. And she has like, the one cool line they give her, right here. “You’re not dead yet. Put the damn shirt on and go.” And she’s wearing a camo tank.

Spike Nelson Fashion 3.5

 Pride, Part 2
Aired: 2003

Spike wears a track jacket and a blue v-neck tee. She’s got a bleached stripe in her hair too. I mean, not much to talk about here, because this is not a fashion show like the halls of DJH were. Now she’s just trying to get her husband home from the hospital.

Spike Nelson Fashion 3.2

Father Figure Part 2
Aired: 2003

Ouch, I took a deep breath before typing, because I was thinking about childbirth. Oof. Okay, so Spike is almost done being pregananant, and she is wearing like, a tee that says, “Yummy Mummy” on it? Aight. And she sure is a mean pregnant lady. Idk why they always make Spike no fun. Oh yeah and she wears these like green flowy pants with the Yummy Mummy shirt. For birthing, she wears a yellow and orange floral robe. I don’t mean to be weird, I’m sure someone will probably enjoy this too much (no judgement) but I did want to share this picture of her foot because she’s wearing a toe ring and I think that’s awesome. Plus she has a foot tat, which is fashion, yeah?

Spike Nelson Fashion 3.1

Father Figure Part 1
Aired: 2003

If a pregnant woman is not wearing overalls, is she even pregnant? Well, here’s Spike again, preggo by accident again, but she’s taking it quite well finally. She’s still sporting her choppy hair cut with chunky highlights and even throws in a zigzag part. Featured ‘fits are a blue collared tank, and orange and pink tank, and a red tank. We also got a glimpse of a throwback from the yearbook; this is the one that inspired Ashley to say “maybe that should be my new look”. Yeah, you can try, Ash.

Spike Nelson Fashion 2.16

Message in a Bottle
Aired: 2003

Spike is wearing a weird shirt with faces on it.. kinda Patrick Nagel-like but not as great. I’m not really sure how to describe this. She still sports a short haircut. And I was fortunate enough to grab this picture of her chunky wedge platform heels! There’s something noteworthy!

Spike Nelson Fashion 2.13

White Wedding, Part 2
Aired: 2002

I could roll my eyes at Spike and Snake’s junior-high behavior surrounding their wedding all day. But I’ll try instead to focus on the fashion. First she’s hugging Caitlin in whatever she had on last time. Then, she wears a very oversized tee that says “Indy 500” on it, and some flare jeans. When she changes for her wedding reception, she wears like, an off-white shawl that is so huge it completely covers whatever beautiful dress she must be wearing under there. That was something that always bothered me about shawls and the like. She also has flowers in her hair and like, despite this being her wedding, kind of looks the way she always looks.