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Caroline Nash Fashion 4.17

Queen of Hearts

Okay, okay. I do feel a bit sorry for Ellie’s mom. A little. Look at her trying so hard. Awww. She looks all proper in his pink cardi over a button down, with a headband and earrings. I like that she looks a little more put-together perhaps, but she also dresses in a way that kind of communicates her need for a proper appearance. The last outfit is her in a peach button down, that classic Caroline kind of look.

Caroline Nash Fashion 4.5

Anywhere I Lay My Head

It’s so funny, when I think of Ellie’s mom I think of this color. This peachy pink color. And that’s pretty much all she’s wearing here. Also with pearls of course. That definitely is a nod to her desire to keep up appearances. The other thing I think about when I think of Ellie’s mom is her saying “purry-winkle blue”.

Caroline Nash Fashion 3.8

 Whisper to a Scream
Aired: 2003

Oof, Ellie’s mom. Sorry but I think we can all agree, she’s a total b-word, and the alcoholism is not to blame for that. She just is. I find her terrifying. She definitely dresses in a way that shows she may possibly care what other people think, and it’s demonstrated when she tells Ellie not to make a scene, and smile, during Colonel’s farewell. Despite her pearls, blouses, and shades of pink, we can still see she’s a hot mess.