Melanie Brodie Fashion 4.8: Melanie Moment

DH S1E8: Little White Lies
Aired: 1989

Melanie shamelessly dresses like a full on 1950’s woman. It’s not even subtle. It’s just BAM in your face let’s go to the sock hop. Honestly those scarf-tied side ponytails kind of get on my nerves, but I’m trying to appreciate. She definitely delivers variety to DH. First, we have a light blue cardi, pearls, a freakin hot pink hair scarf, and a floral skirt. Then we do see her wearing a floral top from junior high. Then for the party, Melanie gets a little wild, ditching the cardis and exposing her arms. And finally, just a green patterned shirt, a blue pencil skirt, and a mad hangover. (It always annoyed me how she had to make a point “I am never drinking again, I felt SO BAD on Saturday.” Like, yeah, yeah, writers, we get it, drinking is bad.)


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