Michelle Accette Fashion 4.9: Minute

DH S1E9: Sixteen Part 1
Aired: 1990

It’s so interesting that we suddenly hone in on Michelle SO HARD in Degrassi High. I really like her and her storyline though. Perhaps this is how hard we’d be in on Stephanie Kaye if she had stayed. Anyway, “mature” is definitely a word to describe Michelle, and also a word to describe her style. On her birthday, she wears this cropped lilac top reminiscent of a blazer. Even though it’s some sort of crop top, it’s safe for school and even professional. I got a close up of her fingernail job – what my friend lovingly calls “the old lady nails”. Later on Michelle dons the scarf gifted from Alexa, and then a bluish jacket. Oh yeah, I also tried to capture the necklace BLT gave her. I just hated getting stuff like this. I mean, how basic! That’s such a junior high gift. “I saved up $35 to buy you this heart-shaped gold necklace.” I know, to each her own, but like, how generic. Next we get a glimpse of her in this blouse that’s hard to describe – it’s a little beige and a little grey, and undoubtedly silky and flowy. Finally, Michelle unpacks in her new ROOM in this darling baby pink jacket, and a ponytail! Love.

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